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Patriots vs Eagles: Tom Brady PostGame Transcript

Ian Logue
Ian Logue on Twitter
6 years ago at 10:34 pm ET
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Patriots vs Eagles: Tom Brady PostGame TranscriptMark L. Baer - USA TODAY Sports

On the interception, what he saw, and the catch he made:

Yeah, the first interception was bad quarterbacking.  You know, the team trusts you to put the ball in your hands and make good decisions with it and that was a terrible decision.  So it’s unfortunate, because those cost you the game and I’ve got to do a better job.

On the second interception what broke down on the deep play, it looked like Brandon LaFell slowed down and if it was a miscommunication:

No, I was just … I kind of scanned the field and we didn’t have much, I was actually trying to throw it away and didn’t throw it far enough.  So it’s one of those where if I’m going to try to throw it away, you’ve got to throw it away.  You can’t throw it where they have an opportunity to catch it.  So that was another very … just, a bad mental error.

On the fact they haven’t played their best football and if there’s something other than injuries that that can be attributed to:

Yeah, we got to do a better job. I think that’s just what it comes down to.  No one can do your job for you and the execution of certain plays and like I said, you know, tonight, there’s only one person … well, tonight there were a couple people that threw it, but I’m the person that throws it the most and I’ve got to make good decisions with the ball and if I turn the ball over twice, I mean, I don’t think we’re going to have a chance to win many games.  So I think that’s what it comes down to.

If after losing and giving up 45 points twice if Philadelphia did anything different this week than they had seen on film:

You know, I think they’re well-coached.  I think those were two pretty tough games for them.  I think we were out of rhythm quite a bit of the time in the first half and then the third quarter was what it was, and then made some plays during the fourth quarter.  But they’ve got some good players on defense.  Certainly the big plays really helped them out, I mean, the 99, whatever, 100 yard interception return, that’s about as bad as you can do as a quarterback.

On those two plays if when he looks back at the game if he ever says he was pressing too much and should have had the discretion to unload it and move on:

I think there’s always plays you look back on and you obviously wish you would have done something different and on the interception I was just, you know, it’s just a dumb play, just a dumb … there’s really not much chance of a completion so I should have just probably thrown it out of the back of the endzone or found someone else to throw to, we would have kicked three points.  Just a bad play. And then the other one, when I’m throwing it away, you’ve got to throw the ball away.  I think that’s, like, basic quarterbacking and that was, you know, you throw it, I didn’t get enough on it, and he’s there in the endzone and makes the play.  That was, just, a bad play by me.  I mean, no one can save us from that.  That’s my fault.

On the fact a lot of people are going to say this is because they’re missing Gronkowski and Edelman and what he says about that:

Well, you’d love to have everybody healthy,  I think every team would love that at this point.  But it’s just not the reality. So, it’s tough.  You got to find ways to adjust and we do plenty of good things.  I think tonight there was just some critical errors that it really came down to.  Just a disappointing night but we gotta figure out how to win a game next week.

On James White stepping up and having a big night and what he has to say about how hard he’s worked to do that:

Yeah, he did a great job.  He really came up big for us when we needed it a few times on 4th down tonight, made some big plays in the pass game, was good in protection, so he’s done a great job for us.  He’s got a significant role, we’ll need him all the way down the stretch here.  We’ve got to, you know play better football.  I think it’s just better execution all the way around and that’s what we’re going to need, you know, to get a win.  I don’t care who you play or where you play.  If you make the plays we made tonight, then, you know, we’re not going to give ourselves many chances to win.

On the fact he’s a player who likes to get rid of the ball quickly and what were the factors that made him hold onto the ball longer than he wanted to:

Part of it I think was their scheme and, you’re right, I’ve got to find a guy to throw the ball to. It’s just scanning the field and finding an open guy and letting him have it. I always like to try to do that and sometimes they had a few extra guys in coverage but, you’re right, I definitely have to get rid of the ball quicker.

On how he related this game as one of sixteen but what it means for the team going forward:

Well, we got a pretty important game coming up so I think that’s where we’re at.  We can’t do anything about what happened, obviously, tonight or last week, just like we can’t do anything about the ones before that and I think we got to just play better football.  I think that’s what it comes down to.  Each of these games are important. We’re in a decent spot, we just got to, if we want to win consistently you’ve got do things well consistently and we just haven’t played winning football the last two weeks.

Thank you.

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