Belichick: Nothing’s Changed With Bledsoe

Ian Logue
April 19, 2002 at 6:26 pm ET

It looks like quarterback Drew Bledsoe isn’t going anywhere. At least for now anyway. reported yesterday that talks were heating up between New England and Buffalo for a trade of Bledsoe, but it looks like that’s not the case. The report stated that a deal could come within the next 48-hours to send Bledsoe to upstate New York, but it looks like that may not happen.

Except of course unless Buffalo would like to part with their #4 overall selection in the first round tomorrow.

New England Cable News even reported last night that there was a hotel room reserved with Bledsoe’s name on it and that the former franchise quarterback was on his way there to meet with Bills officials.

However the Boston Globe reported Friday morning that Bledsoe was on a Montana golf course as of 4:30 ET Thursday afternoon, and had no idea where the reports were coming from.

So for now it appears, nothing has changed. Except of course that Buffalo wants Bledsoe, and the Patriots still want the Bills’ first round pick.

Knowing head coach Bill Belichick as being very consistent with his beliefs, unless Buffalo decides to meet their demands New England will likely keep Bledsoe for next season. Belichick seemed pretty prepared last week to keep Bledsoe on the roster.

He told the media last week that he “would be very surprised if anything happened before the draft in that area” when asked about whether or not he felt a deal could be made on a trade of Bledsoe.

“I don’t know where anybody’s going,” said Belichick. “They’re all under contract so I would expect them to be at training camp.”

The report also indicated that faced with the prospect of Bledsoe not showing up for training camp, the team was ready to back down on their demands. However if history is any indication, Bledsoe isn’t the type of player to hold out and not show up for camp. Missing the offseason program is one thing, but holding out of training camp is another. He is the consummate professional, and that isn’t likely to change, especially considering his relationship with owner Robert Kraft. To skip camp would certainly put a strain on his relationship with the Pats owner, and would probably make the organization less accommodating to sending him to somewhere he would want to play.

Not to mention even if that was the case, judging by how Belichick handled Terry Glenn, he’s not going to crack under the possibility of Bledsoe holding out.

As Belichick likes to say, nothing’s changed.

So for now the wait continues.

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