Your favorite non Patriots player

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Nov 1st

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Brady, then.....

Russel Wilson: A class act and a great player

Larry Fitzgerald: That commercial about his mom's voice on the answering machine gets me every time. I think so saw him at Logan once. :D
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Brady is the obvious answer here.

But I've been an admirer of Russel Wilson for a while. There was a time that the guy wasn't considered the best QB but was still just a plain winner. I said it on this board years ago.

Like others, Larry Fitzgerald is up there for me. I don't know that I can add much to everything that's been said about him already, and also the Cards are my team if the Pats fell off the face of the universe.


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Present Day: Patrick Mahomes, Russell Wilson

20-30 years ago: Barry Sanders

Ancient blurry memory: Jim Brown