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Mods, please merge all of his threads into this one. We have the welcome mat out for Jones, Hightower, and Dennard. It's only right we also welcome Tavon to the Pats.

Researched the heck out of him last night, found some impressive tidbits:

Longtime HC at Illinois (now former) was Ron Zook. Fans on a message board created an All Zook-era team. Tavon was paired w/ Vontae Davis (former 1st round pick) as the two CBs on that team. Reading on, one poster suggested this:

move Tavon to FS. He was good there and a real striker.

On another Illinois board came this:

Tavon Wilson showed his experience throughout camp and was the best one-on-one defender. He is also a true leader.

To summarize, those who've observed Tavon closely say he's a true leader, their best one-on-one defender, and worthy enough to make the all era team as both a CB and Safety.

And finally (perhaps most importantly), his position coach is one of the most respected coaches at both the Pro and College level - Mike Gillhamer. 21 years as a coach, 7 years coaching Safeties for the Carolina Panthers , and 8 college programs coaching DBs. He and Tavon reportedly had a Father/Son-like relationship. I'd say that Tavon was taught by one of the best at how to play his position.

And as a side note, Coach Gillhamer is now back in the Pros, just being hired as the Indy Colts new DB coach. And when researching the Indy reaction to his hiring, I saw one Colts mock listing Tavon as one of their picks. The reason? Gillhamer. The Colts of course had two third-rounders following #48, making it possible that Tavon could have been one of those picks. Speculative I know, but keep in mind that Belichick & Co. have their ears to the ground on such matters -- FWIW.

All in all, Tavon Wilson seems like a very worthy addition to the Pats D. Well-schooled, versatile, with a team first attitude. Sounds like a BB prospect to me.
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