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Patriots cut Edelman(Update- EDELMAN RETIRES)

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Sep 12th

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Bill Lee

What, me worry?
The next time Gillette is at full capacity. Edelman should lead the team out the tunnel onto the field and race one last time to the other end of the field. The place would go nuts.
I don't think there's much if any running left in that knee, maybe if he visits Dr. Feelgood first ?!?


In the Starting Line-Up
I don't say this as an attack against you, but only because I'm genuinely curious: How were they supposed to do it? If they don't think he can play healthy this year, or it's true he's planning to retire, what is the acceptable way to move on from him?
Maybe tell him that we're going to cut you if you don't retire. So he can retire and have some dignity.


Pro Bowl Player
Very Sad day in NE Sports history .....Edelman is one of greatest Patriots in history of organization and he was the most clutch WR in Patriots history AND the NFL...Greatest catch I ever saw was Edelmans finger tip catch in SB....almost defied physics and human capabilities!!!! Heavy heart today that Jules is retiring....but sincerely wish him the best in future and I want to Thank him for being such a kickass tough as nails player and helping to bring so many championships to NE!!!


On the Game Day Roster
This one hurt (and the video made it worse). 2nd favorite to another 3 way player. Plus he'd been helping my current favorite:

“He’s definitely played a big role on my time being here as a Patriot. He pretty much gives me the answers to the test, honestly," Meyers said on a video conference call Wednesday. "All I have to do is watch him, what he did and throw in my own little route technique or my own little detail. It works. He gives me the answers to the test and combine that with great coaching, I feel like I’m prepared to go out there every day and compete my best... Hearing him talk about it definitely goes hand in hand with that. And just trying to combine those and then combine what I already have with my game, I feel like is definitely beneficial to have a guy like Jules in the room.”

Like RIPats88 said, I hope he stays as a coach, but the guy's made for the screen. I'm just glad I found out about the retirement just now knowing that he was getting cut with the intention of getting a financial benefit.


In the Starting Line-Up
Any chance he has a sniff at HOF on his Postseason #s? I assume no but asking.

I am guessing he's a shoo-in for Pats HoF.


In the Starting Line-Up
One of the best to ever play in a pats uniform. He has injury problems in his first few years, but he got to sit and watch Welker and he became a wonderful route runner. Truly an amazing patriot.
It’s a new era. Lots of new guys and a new direction.


In the Starting Line-Up
If three phases and postseason was worth a damn to voters, Jules would be a HOF player without question.

11 seasons with 9869 all purpose yards (165th) 620 catches (75th) for 6,822 yards (156th) and 36 touchdowns, 58 rushing attempts for 413 yards, 177 punt returns (63rd) for 1,986 yards (39th) and four touchdowns (21st), 30 kick returns for 626 yards, and six completions on six passing attempts for 128 yards with one score and a perfect 158.3 passer rating.

19 playoff games (89th), 2,049 all purpose postseason yards (4th), 118 postseason catches (2nd), 1442 postseason receiving yards (2nd), 5 postseason receiving TD's, 39 postseason punt returns (1st), 443 postseason punt return yards (1st), Super Bowl MVP

21 tackles, 2 forced fumbles, 14 fumble recoveries.
Put his resume on one of these coddled NFL glory teams like the Packers, Steelers or Cowboys and he’s in.


Pro Bowl Player
Unfortunately, the poll is running 2:1 against:

My $0.02: He's a slot receiver, don't compare his numbers to Randy Moss et al.

He showed up big in the playoffs, and has a SB MVP.

Clearly I'm biased, but I say he goes in.
He should definitely be in HOF!


Hall of Fame Poster
I don’t think he’d make the Bucs roster. Did you see him last season?
Yep, heart broken without Tom. People on here said that Gronk was done.

1 - NE released Edelman.
2 - Edelman retires.

Not the opposite. BB knows whats up. Look at the Super Bowl. 2 guys that knew Brady the longest found the endzone. Edelman knowing what Brady is thinking on the field is light years better than the # 1 WR in the 2021 draft who is green.