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Pro Bowl Player
Sep 10, 2007

captain stone Retired Jersey Club
Sep 29, 2004
Take away the Pharaoh's 58-yard catch & run, and Mac was 14/28 - 143 - 5.9 yards/attempt... IOW, a typical day at the office.

Nice to see the passing game get off to a clean, somewhat productive start, for once... Too bad the second half was crap.

Also nice to see the running game actually, you know, run the ball past the LOS most of the time... Still don't like those delayed draws up the middle however: they give neither the OL nor the RB any momentum whatsoever, which is more important to have with bigger linemen & bigger backs like ours... They really oughta try more stretch handoffs that press the B-C gaps and get everyone running forward.

I also thought the play-calling on 3rd/<5 near the edges of FG/4th-down territory, especially in the 2nd half, was Garbage.

Trent the Brown Blob sickens me... And he was just given a ****ING RAISE?!? What kind of ****ing message does that ****ing send?

Speaking of incompetent front offices... These lazy ****s also gave a bump to Dorothy Parker, and signed JuJu Sanu instead of re-signing Meyers...
Let those moves sink in awhile.

That non-call for DPI against Douglas DEMANDS disciplinary action against the officials closest to the play...which of course won't happen.

And finally, Punky McMILFson really, Really ****ing Sucks. He took one of his sacks when NOBODY touched him!

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