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NEW ARTICLE: MORSE: Week 11 Preview: Atlanta Falcons vs Patriots

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MORSE: Week 11 Preview: Atlanta Falcons vs Patriots
Mark Morse
The Patriots have won 4 in a row, averaging 37.5 points scored in those games. They are also 4-0 on the road this year. The Patriots have allowed an average of just 14.5 points on the road in those 4 wins.

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captain stone

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Thanks, I look forward to these previews because they're one-stop shops to re-familiarize myself with our opponents, especially our non-division ones, since the season started... Agree that the Fail-cons OL should be performing better than the numbers have shown, but I don't know how exploited old friend Duron Harmon will be by the Mac Attack; I would target the other Safety first...

Mark Morse Supporter Supporter
I will add that I didn't give AJ Terrell enough credit. He hasn't given up more than 30 yards in a game this year!

I am glad you liked my previews. I try and familiarize the Patriots fans with their opponent that week. I used to add coaching tendencies, but there is so much turnover in coaching that it's hard to get a read on them.

Another point I failed to add ... BB has been dominant against 1st-year head coaches!

captain stone

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I'm a little nervous... home teams on TNF have done well historically.

59-36 ATS...

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Being home is really the only advantage they have... However if there are as many pats fans there as there might be tonight, then even that advantage will be mitigated some...