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Pro Bowl Player
Sep 10, 2007

captain stone Retired Jersey Club
Sep 29, 2004
The Siddy the Sow experiment at Right Tackle isn't going very well, is it?

Tony Mafia's probably a better Right Guard than Left Guard too.

The others - Thanksdad, McD, Stubby, Chasin' 'Hinds, Jake the Latest Fake - are, to paraphrase Dennis Green (RIP), who we feared they were.

And just who the **** is Reilly Reiffer that he rated getting the night off?

I was also surprised & disappointed that Double-D didn't really play either, besides a couple of fair catches or something. 53-lock.

Jalen Mills: lock, probably at Free Safety... Need one more Outside CB then, because Jon Jones' best position is at Slot CB.

"Malik Cunningham is fun to watch. I am thinking the Patriots shouldn’t expose him to waivers at the final cutdown..."

- People need to really, Really slow-down with the Cunningham-is-now-a-lock talk... No team is going to claim him just to re-train him all over again while he's also taking up space on their 53. Dude's a perfect Practice Squad candidate, for us.

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