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Mac Jones...PFF Rookie of the Week

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Sep 19th

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PFF's Rookie of the Week for the first week of the season is Mac Jones. He beat out over 200 rookies who received a grade this week.

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I think this is misleading...PFF has him graded as the 3rd overall rookie after week 1. However, he was the best rookie QB, and he might be the highest-graded rookie STARTER.

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Why stop THERE? Tom will leave GISELLE and become Mac's side-piece!
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It's eerie how much Mac Jones resembles a young Tom Brady in skills and demeanor. Lots of folks are observing that now. In fact he's ahead of schedule vs Brady both in his college and pro career.

I will of course add the obligatory point that that there is almost no chance that he will challenge Tom's career let alone become the new GOAT or even win multiple Super Bowls.

But my take on that is that even if Tom himself were starting his NFL career today he would have next to no chance to repeat what he has accomplished. Besides his extraordinary skills, Tom had a lot of help, a lot of luck and incredible durability in becoming the undeniable GOAT. And his legend continues!

So it is indeed absurd to expect Mac -- or anyone else -- to challenge Tom's accomplishments.

But that said: Mac plays more like Brady than anyone else I've seen and that's a very good thing.

Hopefully he'll keep it up and we'll be competitive for a long time.
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