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The critics have blasted them all season, but Sunday night the Patriots defense proved that they really are better than people think.

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Not a good look for D.C. Keith Butler

RT @ToneDeRone: @CSNNE @Gary_Tanguay @RutgersU more stuff like this please. The Felger style sports talk gets old...

RT @FieldYates: The Browns have signed LB Jamie Collins to a four-year extension through the 2020 season.

Steelers admit they were surprised by Patriots’ offensive attack via @WEEI

@ironcity1176 hey they were 4-5, thought I had something there back in October. But nice job turning the season around

Antonio Brown can't stop his end zone dancing moves. But Malcolm Butler did

Film Study: What the heck were the Steelers doing on defense?

We're live. Good info from Devin McCourty and Jerod Mayo. We're Quick Firing in a minute.

@TMurph207 @koppen67 thank you! Jinx. Jinx? Jinx?? (doing that in my Jim Mora voice)

Already bro 😤😤 you already know how we get down 💪🏾💪🏾

RT @TAMU: Aggie Martellus Bennett was recognized by @ForbesUnder30 for 🏈, as well creating books & films! @Martysau

This...says a lot about the pro bowl. RT @AdamSchefter: Tom Brady will be replaced in the Pro Bowl by Andy Dalton.

If Jamie Collins played for the Red Sox, at least we'd know by now what went wrong in New England. #smearcampaign

Jamie Collins gets paid more than Luke Kuechley after Patriots D got better without him

Oh this is amazeballs. I would love to read it. So original.

Jamie Collins' four-year deal with the Browns includes $26.5 million guaranteed, making him the NFL's highest-paid ILB, per source.

Going to research for a blog about the Collins' impact on Hightower and then watch @Gotham . May not be back tonight.

@patscap @dpeezyjr I wasn't going to look it up, but i knew Miguel would know

RT @corryjoel: Dont'a Hightower's guarantee will top $26M whether it's from the Pats or some other team.

Do you like Tom Brady, man ?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by kinky, Feb 6, 2013.

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  1. kinky

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    I saw this fantastic response from a user on Reddit, answering a question from a pats fan as to why fans of other teams hate our TFB. I just had to share it here.

    Do you like Tom Brady, man?

    I do not like him, you Pats fan
    I do not like this Brady man

    Don't you like Brady's three rings?

    I do not like Tommy's three rings
    I do not like Tommy winning
    I do not like this Brady man
    I do not like him, you Pats fan

    Don't you like him modeling shoes?
    Don't you like that he won't lose?

    I do not like him modeling shoes
    And I would like to see him lose
    I do not like his three rings
    I do not like him winning
    I do not like this Brady man
    I do not like him, you Pats fan

    But he's the best of all time
    Hating him should be a crime

    I do not have time for Pats fans' whines
    He's not for me, he beats my team
    I do not like him in the East
    If he'd play in the NFC
    Then I might like this Brady man
    But I still can't stand most Pats fans

    Would you? Could you? End your hate?
    Watch him! See him! He's so great!

    I would not, could not, like your mate
    You may like him. You will see.
    You may like him on tv
    I will not, cannot on tv

    I still will hate! He's not that great!
    I do not like him winning games
    I do not like all of his fame
    I do not like his hottie wife

    Leave me alone! Go get a life!
    Others may hate your great QB
    That's OK, just let them be
    I do not like this Brady man

    Leave me alone, you Patriots fan
    A team! A team! Another team!
    If he's on another team!
    Not on the Pats? Not on the 'Fins?
    Not on the Jets? I could be in
    I just might like this Tom Brady

    If this quarterback played for me
    If he played for my football team
    And he won us a silver trophy
    But he plays for the Patriots

    Whose lucky fans are throwing fits
    When others hope he calls it quits
    We do not like this Brady man
    Just get over it, you Pats fan

    From user RocGoose on /r/nfl
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