Broncos stole signals too, Schlereth (2002)

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Dec 6th

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I'd love to hear Schlereth's explanation for this...he played up until 2000, but do you really think the practice of stealing signals didn't take place during his time on the team?

Lipreading is a feverish topic in the NFL these days. Coaches are covering their mouths when they send in plays because they're suspicious that thieves are watching. The coaches look like they had onions for lunch or just graduated from the Istanbul Spy Institute. "We hear rumors all the time about [opposing] coaches hiring guys to read our lips," says Cardinals offensive coordinator Rich Olson.

It's no rumor, pal. "Our guy keeps a pair of binoculars on their signal-callers every game," says Broncos coach Mike Shanahan. "With any luck, we have their defensive signals figured out by halftime. Sometimes, by the end of the first quarter."


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Re: Broncos Stole Signals Too Schlereth (2002)

The sad thing is, even when Florio posts this stuff no one seems to care.

I give up trying to convince the ignorant.

Hilarious none the less though, Schlereth is a joke.


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Re: Broncos Stole Signals Too Schlereth (2002)

This article came up back in September; it's nothing more than very poorly executed satire by Rick Reilly. Read it again. It's supposed to be tongue in cheek, but he isn't nearly overt enough in most places. Though reading it knowing it is *intended* to be satire, it reveals itself. (Though kind of defeats the point of satire ...)


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Re: Broncos Stole Signals Too Schlereth (2002)

I have been saying this for months...especially when Schlereth made a LARGE pointnot of the camera and the videotaping but THAT SIGNAL STEALING would give a large large advantage to a team..and that THAT was CHEATING!!! ONCE that article appeared and it was made known, it was obvious that he was a TOTAL hypocrite....IF he had NOT made such a large point of his attack on STEALING would have been different..but he kept repeating that again and again...

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Re: Broncos Stole Signals Too Schlereth (2002)

I sent that link to Mike and mike , but they wont read that...:D
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