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Biggest Losers and Winners on Day 1?

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Sep 12th

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How many times has Belichick "lost the team?"

The Dolphins were one stroke of luck away from being in the playoffs, if the players revolt against him they're idiots.
How many coaches are Belichick? Anyway, from what I've read it goes back further than the end of last season.


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I seen a draft grade last night that gave us a B grade & SF got an A+

How is that possible?
The 49ers traded 3 first round picks & a 3rd for a guy who played 1 game last year and
He is a talented prospect.

We did not move up & got the ideal QB, for our system who is much more NFL ready.

The 49ers decision was between Lance & Jones.

If the 49ers did not trade up, they could have had Jones, & kept their 3rd & their first fo 2022 & 2023.
Yup, insane. In my book SF gets an F. The only question in my mind is how long it will take the team to fire John Lynch. Training camp this summer when JimmyG beats the pants off Lance? Lance's first start where he is intercepted twice? Or the end of the season? Not sure, but it is coming. If I was the owner, I would fire him right now.

Patriots get an A+ right now, but let's see how they do later in the draft.


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I agree on Chase 100% it was more a question on if he was the correct pick before a tackle to protect Burrow. However, the NFL site is projecting the Bengals to take Tevin Jenkins early in Round 2
I completely get the calls for the Bengals to take Sewell or Slater I just think that Chase is exceptional and OL is deep in this draft. Normally I would go with the OT, and the Bengals have the draft capital where they could have traded up for Darrisaw in the early 20’s and accomplished both goals.