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  1. titletownpats

    Broncos Pats moved to MNF

    Not good. I wonder who else got the virus on the team.
  2. titletownpats

    After 17 long years on the waitlist..I finally got the email

    Congrats! First section we had season tickets was 325 so I loved that section. First game with those tickets was the first game in Gillette raising the banner vs the Steelers. Last game in that section was the 09 Baltimore playoff game. Moved to the 200 level but I liked 325 better bc we had the...
  3. titletownpats

    Edelman contract extended

    2 year extension
  4. titletownpats

    Pats should have won SB 46

    You can add the Rams and Panthers SB’s to that list too. All 4 of those games came down to the last play or possession. The 1st Eagles game also came down to the last possession, but not as crazy as the Rams, Panthers, Seahawks, and Atlanta Sb’s the pats won.
  5. titletownpats

    Update: Schedule Release Wednesday April 17 (Pats to Open on SNF)

    This article says schedule is coming out Tuesday. Should the NFL release the schedule after the draft?
  6. titletownpats

    The draft

    About to go to Pats season ticket holder predraft party. It’s a cool free event. Get to go on the field, free food, trophy pic, and Pats alumni are there. I think this year’s panel is Reiss, Curran and Yates.
  7. titletownpats

    Nuggets of note from Reiss' weekly column

    I agree it's a big gamble but we don't beat Atlanta without Mitchell's 5 4th quarter receptions. Brady went to Mitchell when the offense was stalling and some of the biggest 3rd downs in the comeback. I don't think they have tried too hard considering they rarely draft a wr in the first two...
  8. titletownpats

    Jordy Nelson is free....

    Jordy Nelson at Logan
  9. titletownpats

    Hillarious belichick quotes

    There are so many. I dvr his press conferences for this exact reason. It's so funny. The way he responds to Volin is the best. He must die laughing after them. I bet BB is really funny, dry sense of humor when he isn't around the cameras.
  10. titletownpats

    Lions Sign Amendola

    I know the Pats haven’t had much success drafting receivers, but I also hope they draft a wr with one of their first 6 picks. They haven’t drafted many receivers in the first 3 rounds recently. Dobson in 2013 and Jackson was 06. I thought Mitchell (4th round) was good but got hurt. Wouldn’t have...
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    Rumor: Brady close to extension

    If this is true, I wonder how much cap relief the Pats will get. Think Brady's cap hit is currently 27 million for this season.
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    Rumor: Brady close to extension

    Sorry about the thread title