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Terry Glenn is a cowgirl

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    P.S. Thank you for the compliment!
    RE to your pic comment. Yes I am :). I am not on here much lately sorry if it took a few days to reply.
    What, you think someone else would randomly pick JD10367 as a screenname, LOL?

    I used to post on AOL's sports boards. That place turned to crap. I found Patsfans and signed up. At the same time, Dnny Pires (who I'd known from the AOL board for years) suggested I try PatriotsPlanet, so I signed up for that too. I found the Planet to be a good deal simpler to navigate, and the people were weirder and things weren't so tightly-regulated, so I stayed there. As you can see, I never post here. I got the post count up to the minimum recently so I could play some arcade games, but only half of them seem to work for me. :shrug:
    yeah you can download them. When you're playing them there's a little "download mp3" link in the player. You have to register as a member but it only takes a minute.
    He's doing Puscifer shows and wine bottle signings. Tool is gonna tour this summer though.

    I really like a couple of those tracks, "Non Entity" and "Whores" are really good tracks. Also, if you go to the "remix" section of the nin site and click "top rated overrall" there are some amazing remixes of "Slipping Away," "The Wretched,' and "Only."
    Do not take it personal, as I am flattered, but do not do or understand this friend thing..
    How've you been Terry? Haven't seen you post in the pol forum in a while. Did all the neo-nazis over there burn you out?
    You're lucky to live in such a cool place. Stevensville was nice, about 30 mi. from the city.
    I tried downloading the Slip (I got Ghosts) but I can't open the download for some reason on my MAC. Been listening to Porcupine Tree, someone turned me on to them and I really like their stuff.
    not the biggest fan of this here place quite like the planet;)

    but I check in every once in a while, infrequently post
    Hey Terry, good to see you around. What do you think of my bud, Yes, he is really a Ph.d physicist and yes, he was poisoned by the Federal gestapo as he calls them. have you read his blog? Also, please explain to me what you mean by the dialectic? I am somehwat familiar, but not sure what context you are referring to? Thanks, and keep up the good work. I wonder if either one of us is on a "list" if you know what I mean. We'll be the 1st to go for re-educuation at the haliburton camps!
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