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Sep 19th

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    Patriots Front 7

    I have not been on here for a long time. hello everyone, ok now I will give my 2 cents on how to fix the problem next season. I think not a nuff speed and talent at LB and safety is the main reason why they cant stop the run or cover RB's and TE's, the rams who have the best DT's in the NFL...
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    Butler & Saints working towards finalizing a deal (Thread now UFC Pats Fans Event)

    i think this trade is over. no news at all 3 days later, saints are not going to give him 12+ if they have to give up the #11 and pats will just match anything under 10 million. he will be a pat at lest one more year
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    Any chance we end up with Butler still?

    if the saints offer 10 million or less he may stay and play out his contract but i got the saints giving him 5 years at 12 million per and sending the pats a 2nd round pick
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    Butler visiting Saints

    he has made a total of 1.5 million from football alone since being a UDFA so 4 million in one year and still be a FA next year at 28. 100% he would play he wont be happy but he will play and give his all. but saints want him bad and next year stephon gilmore is the #1 so this maybe his only...
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    Butler visiting Saints

    i think if saints were offering #11 he would have been traded alredy its more like a 2nd and if it goes down like that and i hope it dose not its almost even Cooks for butler. only saints will have to pay butler 12+ million pats will let cooks play out his rookie contract and go from there
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    Butler's agent in search for 1st rounder + big contract

    the fact that BB did not even let Butler play cover 2 on Julio Jones in the SB and then went out and spent 14 million on a new CB tells teams he is not a top 5 CB. he is on the same level as Logan Ryan a good starting CB and should get 10 million per so he will have a hard time finding a team...
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    Did Malcolm Butler ask for the moon?

    the pats can have him play for 4 million this year that's about all there is to the story. they will deal with paying or not paying him 10+ million next year
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    Cleveland fans don't value JAG

    he can read a defense and has a quick release that's about 80% of what you need to be a starting QB in the NFL. will he be a Aaron Rodgers type super star good a nuff to take a team with little talent deep into the playoffs i don't know but he would be the best QB the browns have had since...
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    WR Justin Hunter visiting Patriots

    a tall WR who is a ok red zone target. cant hurt to bring him in to camp
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    What Happens When Restricted Free Agent Doesn't Sign The Tender?

    and broke. i am pretty sure they can fine him more then the 4 million he would make if he holds out a full year
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    Hypothetical trade

    even if JG is the next Aaron Rodgers if you trade him to the browns they are still 3 years at lest away from being a team that can make it to the SB. but if he is even half as good as he was in the 6QT's of play and no reason why he would not be in the same system Houston would now be the #1...
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    The perceived need at Wide Reciever

    i dont think Cooks is one of the top WR's in the NFL but if Gronk is not on the field every other WR not named Edelman had a total of about 1200 yards. we dont know if Hogan and Malcolm Mitchell will get but
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    Butler For Cooks Deal Being Hashed Out Between NE-NO

    i am shocked they are giving a long term big money contract to a outside player BB has never done it before. as for butler i am not shocked cause im pretty he dose not want to play for 3 million dollars
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    Butler For Cooks Deal Being Hashed Out Between NE-NO

    hate to see them trade butler but to tell you the truth i am more shocked that they are going to pay top dollar Stephon Gilmore.