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New England took care of the Steelers Sunday night, and now they'll set their sights on a trip to Houston in two weeks.

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WR Chris Hogan, Patriots a perfect match between resourceful player and team. #Patriots

@PP_Rich_Hill someone needs to look into those pjs imo

Patriots Came Out Of AFC Championship Game Win Without A New Controversy

RT @Record_Tara: This was fun. They were rollicking in Sec. 201.

RT @JimAberdale: .@Gary_Tanguay's road trip is going to be the stuff of legend. Please don't die as you take on America, Tanger & friends.…

RT @CSNNE: What predictions did @tomecurran get right? Find out in the #Patriots -#Patriots AFC Championship preview review…

RT @WEEI: COLUMN: What we Learned: With Super Bowl in sight, Patriots now aiming to secure spot in NFL history http…

RT @RyanHannable: Thanks to Martellus Bennett, Johnny Manziel attends AFC championship and documents experience on social media https://t.c…

RT @Trags: In a career of great games, Tom Brady puts up one of his best to reach 7th Super Bowl. My column - WEEI…

@FlanneryBrian I'll get some sleep and think about it

@FlanneryBrian I think Ryan. But I don't know. Feel like that's the type of job Ryan always gets.

RT @ninko50: AFC champs!!! But we aren't done yet, one more to go!!!#SuperBowl #SuperBowl

AFC champs!!! But we aren't done yet, one more to go!!!#SuperBowl #SuperBowl

RT @CSNNE: Tom Brady allows himself to enjoy win vs. #Steelers : '[Bleep], you've got to be happy now' - @PhilAPerry #Steelers…

@dokerjams I appreciate those words, Bill. I also try to make sure to never take this for granted.

I wore a teal suit tonight. Watch me talk about the Patriots' defense in it.

"Sights and sounds" feature focuses on big day for @ChrisHogan_15 in Patriots' win.

RT @ImaginationAgcy: @MartysaurusRex tying Jett's shoes post #playoffs WIN! @Barbie Your commercial was right. Real men 💗football but daugh…

@Jackie_Pepper @ABC Except didnt DT move to eliminate federal DV programs on day 1?

RT @DonBanks: The playoffs have been mostly routs, but Super Bowl has something old, something new for a matchup: Snap Judgments:

So happy ashleyboccio was able to come today! So thankful for her and everyone else that came…

@TMurph207 Early bird gets the worm. Or in this case, 9 catches for a Patriots playoff record 180 yards and 2 TDs.

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    1. TheSolderKing
      I ain't no political GOP nutcase. I have a brain. Are you on the liberal side or mor conservative? I embrace the best of both worlds. I like both sides more CON though
    2. TheSolderKing
      funny **** bro

      I like him
    3. Bertil
      Condolences. As an unabashed metalhead myself, I thought I would just give you a shout and say we'll all miss the little guy with the Great Big voice. His unique songwriting and unwavering dedication to Heavy Metal were an inspiration to an entire generation of fans. You have to give it to him, he did it his way until then end. I remember seeing H&H in Lowell and was in awe at how energetic and vigorous he was, and how strong that voice was. He was and is The King of Rock and Roll and as long as we keep his legacy alive one truth remains...We Rock!
    4. Terry Glenn is a cowgirl
    5. otis p. driftwood
    6. Holy Diver
      Holy Diver
      You've been down too long in the midnight sea
      Oh what's becoming of me?
      Ride the tiger
      You can see his stripes but you know he's clean!
      Oh don't you see what I mean?
      Gotta get away
      Shiny diamonds!
      Like the eyes of a cat in the black and blue.
      Something is coming for you!
      Race for the morning!
      You can hide in the sun 'till you see the light.
      Oh we will pray it's all right.
      Gotta get away-get away!
      Between the velvet lies,
      There's a truth that's hard as steel, yeah.
      The vision never dies,
      Life's a never ending wheel.
      You're the star of the masquerade,
      No need to look so afraid.
      Jump on the tiger,
      You can feel his heart but you know he's mean.
      Some light can never be seen.
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