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Cyrus Jones had a tough rookie season, and he's already hard at work getting ready to try and bounce back in 2017.

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@Ky1eLong @dfuckinmoney we can have a Jeep vs Toyota arms race

better backup** than street free agent type

Lastly, I wouldn't pay him the going rate for top tight ends. Offense has a lot of passing options. But they'll need a better backup for 87

I think the Pats can move on effectively without him, but Bennett was more Gronk than he was Scott Chandler/Tim Wright and freakin Mulligan

I'm not sure I'll miss the dog and pony show every week, but I respect the player. And if Bennett gets a big deal, he should take it.

Was he a little overrated in some circles because of his willingness to say whatever, whenever? Yes. I believe so. Was it always real? Dunno

Bennett was also a willing blocker, though one who struggled in that regard as the year progressed...

Only one TE who actually played significantly (Travis Kelce) had a better YAC amongst tight ends...

Did QBs love Bennett? Nope. But they didn't dislike him either. And all respected his willingness to be on the field, to be available...

Could Pats have won with that combo? I dunno. But I know teams had to pay attention to Bennett regardless of where he lined up...

When Gronk went down, were Bennett not willing to play hurt, you'd have seen a Lengel/Derby/Clay Harbor/dude off the street playing TE...

We're getting that "take pot shots" on his way out the door (should he leave. likely I might add). Not necessarily from team but Pats cartel

Before I go night nights, a quick rant about the takes starting to populate my timeline regarding free agent to be Martellus Bennett...

@j1_m3 i don't make the headlines! and listen to the video!

@aaboni He received more money from SD, and as his right, he took that offer.

RT @RealSportsHBO: “Once we tied the game, I knew we were going to win.” Robert Kraft on the @Patriots latest @SuperBowl victory. #RealSpor

On @RealSportsHBO, Jonathan Kraft getting emotional -- tearing up -- while talking about winning Super Bowl LI.

On @RealSportsHBO, Robert Kraft was asked about Donald Trump: "Do I agree with everything he says or espouses? No. But he's a friend."

On Cetlics: 'Danny's really been pushing it' for trades

'Andre Drummond is the dark horse' in rumors

RT @9tailors: .@TMurph207 Thanks for the shoutout! Happy to hear that you're so pleased with your suits cc: @nhgator13 @rpnuge @MikeGiardi

@Nickydballs There's one in the Seaport as well. I need to check it out

@RyanHannable @MarkDanielsPJ you strike me as someone who needs to catch another beating

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