Slater, McCourty Among Those Named as Patriots Captains For 2011

Ian Logue
September 8, 2011 at 9:53 am ET

The Patriots named their captains this morning, and there were a couple of names that stood out with the six guys who earned the honor.

The guys named were Logan Mankins, Tom Brady, Matthew Slater, Jerod Mayo, Vince Wilfork, and Devin McCourty.

McCourty is in his second year with the team, and seeing him already earn that recognition was kind of surprising considering all the recent discussion surrounding Patrick Chung potentially stepping into that spot.

Slater’s a good story because he’s always been a solid contributor on special teams, and he really stepped up as a receiver in the final game against New York.

Last year’s captains – for anyone who is curious – were RB Kevin FaulkWilfork, Brady and Mayo.

  • Tom Tuner

    Ian Rapoport broke this story. It has yet to be reported elsewhere, yet you write about it as if the team announced it. Give the man credit where credit is due.

    Poor journalism on your part.

  • Thank you for your post Tom. When it comes to any story – I always credit the original source, although by the time I saw this news it had already been reported by multiple media outlets. I actually first found out about it on Twitter after seeing six or seven posts from everyone about it, which generally means by then – at least in the case of a story such as this one – there’s been an announcement by the team, so I was unaware of who originally ‘broke it’.

    Not only that, but if you review every one of my previous posts, you’ll find that when I’ve included a mention of Ian’s stuff here, I’ve always credited him accordingly. He’s one of the best in this market, and he’s fully aware of how much I try and support him here. The same holds true for everyone – as that’s obviously the correct thing to do.

    You’ll notice that I credit the source even in an article – using the actual author’s name in lieu of just saying “The Boston Herald” – and recently did so where I used an old quote from Kevin Faulk in this article – so I think you’ll find I’m extremely diligent about that practice here. You’re welcome to review past posts – including the daily links entry where I use the author’s names in each and every one.

    As I said, the same holds true for each of the other writers whether it’s within our own market, or from somewhere else. Needless to say my apologies if there was any confusion.

  • Also, if you view this link you’ll see hundreds of attributions to him from the past several years as well.