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What they're made of...

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by bostonbuzz, Sep 12, 2006.

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    Now we all get to see what this years group of Patriots is made of. Do they suck it up as a team, improve with what they have, and move on or do they get their ASSES handed to them by Mangini's Jets this weekend. Will this be this years version of the infamous 'Buffalo' game? It could be if they so choose...

    Well boys I say this...obviously, Deon was a big contributor to the success of the team and a good teammate but he's not dead! He felt now was the time take care of business, to break his contract, to do what he felt was the best for 'Deon', not so much what was best for you guys...'the team.' So be it. Good luck Deon..time will tell and if history of such moves proves anything the ultimate success you enjoy going forward at best is not gauranteed.

    Now we see if this team really cares enough about itself, the owner, and coaches to put together another championship season. I hope they move on...today's a good day to start. They all will say it's a business. Just ask Big Sey. Nobody likes it when a popular, hard working fellow employee moves on, but it happens...in every business. Now make the best of it and go out and win yourself another SB~! It all starts this weekend in the Meadowlands.

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