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Week 6 Breakout Performers

Discussion in 'Fantasy Football' started by frankiesfly, Oct 16, 2007.

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    What an amazing week 6 in football. This week gave me a flash back of last year when things like this were happening week in and week out. This week left some fantay owners crying, and left others happy. Even though there were many great performances, here are my top 5 in order.

    Adrain Peterson. Two words...........Holy Crap! Talk about carrying a team on your shoulders and literally single handedly winning a game. 224 rushing yards( over 350 all purpose. Hopefully you guys got credit for return yards) and 2 tds.

    Tom Brady...........speechless. On his way to break the all time TD record for TD's in a season by a QB. 388 yards. 5 TD's

    L. T. He's back. Another great week for him. 198 yards 4 TD's. L.T just missed my 2nd spot. This is another guy who carried his team to victory this week. Literally. Like Peterson both of their QB's did squat.

    Brian Griese. Tough break for him this week. He finally played like I thought he could, but couldn't get the win. 381 yards and 3 TD's.

    TJ Houshman. With his 3rd staright week of a 100 or more recieving yards I give him the edge. He is becoming the premiere wide out in Cincy...........Chad who? 145 yards 2 TD's.

    To Thomas Jones, Jones-Drew, LJ, Stallworth, and Hester. I didn't forget about you guys there was just better performers this week.

    Hopefully we have an awesome week 7. Looking forward to it.

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