UDFA CB Gemara Williams waived

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    ...and we go right back to the roster number mystery.

    Offseason limit: 80.

    Patriots current roster = 91.

    8 NFLE exemptions (includes Henry) = 83

    1 Bonus Exemption (Jackson), a late development per Ourlads.com = 82

    1 unsigned rookie (Maroney) = 81

    5 players (Pass, Kaczur, Harrison, Koppen, Gay) will also reportedly be placed on the Active/PUP list, which means they likely still count against the roster limit.
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    Gemara, we hardly knew ye... farewell
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    #75 Jersey

    His twin brother Sodom is still available.
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    He points to the sky and says, "There goes Gemara !" as he waxes poetically about the 1960's Japanese Monster movies.

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