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    Ian's Daily Blog - The Richard Seymour situation remains quite interesting, and as I said yesterday it appears it’s not going to get any better.I don’t quite know the implications behind trading a player, and having them stomp their feet and say, “I’m not going – you can’t make me.” But so far – Seymour hasn’t gone – [...]

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    I didn't care for the blog entry.

    First, it's been reported multiple places that the NFL office has confirmed that they have accepted the trade paperwork. This entry questions that ("If the paperwork has been filed...").

    Secondly, the entry states that the commissioner "has to" get involved. Why? I don't see that he has to. Remedies for Oakland are clearly spelled out in the CBA and they can choose to pursue them or not. If they do choose to pursue them by sending a letter off to Richard Seymour, then he can choose to report, withhold his services or retire. If he doesn't report, then there are other consequences. All of this seems very straight-forward to me. Why, exactly, does the commissioner have to be involved simply because teams or players are faced with difficult choices?

    Finally, my own take on the trade remains the same: there are pluses and minuses for the Patriots. I don't see this as the Patriots ripping off Oakland and most of the reaction I read the first day both on several Patriots sites as well as other sites really questioned whether or not the Patriots did the right thing. Nothing has really changed as far as trade value for the Patriots (although it certainly has for Oakland) and I think the original assessment was pretty fair.
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