The Aging Jets Defense

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by JDSal45, Sep 17, 2008.

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  1. JDSal45

    JDSal45 Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    I loved reading the Jets board prior to the Pats mauling them. They were all delusional about "the aging Pats defense." Lets compare ages of the starters on defense this season:

    Jets: Shaun Ellis (31); Kris Jenkins (29); Kenyon Coleman (29); Bryan Thomas (29); Eric Barton (31); Calvin Pace (27); David Harris (24); Darrell Revis (23); Dwight Lowery (22); Eric Smith (25); Kerry Rhodes (26) AVERAGE AGE: 27

    Patriots: Ty Warren (27); Vince Wilfork (26); Richard Seymour (28); Mike Vrabel (33); Jerod Mayo (22); Tedy Bruschi (35); Adalius Thomas (31); Deltha O'Neal (31); Ellis Hobbs (25); Rodney Harrison (35); James Sanders (24) AVERAGE AGE: 28

    WOW, a difference of one year. Does that means the Jets fans acknowledge their defense will be old next season?

    Just silliness. Its about performance and the Pats defense has always been better than the Jets in the Belichick era. That won't end, even if the Pats have one whole extra year in average age.

    J D Sal
  2. DisgruntledTunaFan

    DisgruntledTunaFan In the Starting Line-Up

    Didn't they have to give up a couple of draft picks for Kris Jenkins?

    Word out of Carolina was that he ended up quiting on them in his last year there. I remember reading on the Panthers MB last year how he "sent in his 2 weeks pink slip" at the end.
  3. jmt57

    jmt57 Moderator Staff Member Supporter

    It's one of those things (old defense) that has been repeated so often that everybody (outside of New England) assumes it is true. You wouldn't have to look far to find another team's fan that will repeat that same line that also thinks Seau is still starting and has no idea that Mayo is on the team and playing now.
  4. Wildo7

    Wildo7 Totally Full of It

    I just hope this is a mantra that keeps getting repeated throughout the season. I've already said that I think this defense can be special, and if you add in the fact that for each of the older guys (Rodney, Bruschi, Sanders, Vrabel etc.) there are young guys like Woods, Crabel and Meriweather that can get rotated in for them and may even end up starting at some point. It's hilarious to think that all of these idiots will have such high expectations for their offenses playing the Pats defense only to turn on the t.v. Sunday and see a bunch of quick, young Pats defenders schooling them. The average IQ of he NFL fan never ceases to amaze me.
  5. Gunnails

    Gunnails In the Starting Line-Up

    No Jersey Selected

    Jenkins, Faneca, Woody, Pace, Richardson Were all sighned as FAs for truckloads of money.

    Favre will cost the Jets a pick, probably a 2nd, maybe a first if the Jets go to the SB.
  6. LoganMankinsPancakeBlocks

    LoganMankinsPancakeBlocks On the Game Day Roster

    The Jets traded for Jenkins. Forget what they gave up, something like a 3rd rounder, but they definitely traded for him and he wasn't a FA. Then after trading for him, they ripped up his deal and signed him to a new big deal.
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  7. Deus Irae

    Deus Irae Retired Jersey Club Supporter

    Disable Jersey

    Jenkins cost the R-A-T-S a 3rd and a 5th
  8. Wildo7

    Wildo7 Totally Full of It

    didn't they give up a 3rd and a 5th for him? add on the 2nd for Lord Favre and the Jets have almost no draft picks left:D
  9. BelizePats

    BelizePats Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    With the R-A-T-S giving up all these picks in next years draft for instant average status this year, its nice to see them beginning to mortage their future.
    Their idiotic management is desperate and when the new regime that comes in after their GM and coach are fired this year, all we'll be hearing about is how the old regime left the draft table bare with so few picks.
  10. NYCPatsFan

    NYCPatsFan In the Starting Line-Up

    No Jersey Selected

    I wish Vrabel and Harrison get a constant feed of all this 'old' defense. :D
  11. aluminum seats

    aluminum seats In the Starting Line-Up

    Agreed that the "aging" line has been overused. It's comes down to a couple of high-profile guys--Bruschi, Harrison--getting a little long in the tooth, and maybe a little lack of speed translates into "old" for people who don't think much.

    But this defense should be terrific. Last year, the team flirted with the lowest points against for the league until the last couple of weeks, and this year you see Mayo, Merriweather improving, Seymour back, Thomas comfortable, etc. etc., with the supposed drop in the secondary more than offset by the new guys, Hobbs getting another year experience, and Capers coaching. Watch out.
  12. TheGodInAGreyHoodie

    TheGodInAGreyHoodie Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    More likely a third.
  13. Dago

    Dago Practice Squad Player

    about Jets defense...
    gholston is the only pick of first ten to no start?
    was he a real need or they thought Pats wanted him?
  14. K-Ro 25

    K-Ro 25 Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    It was a 3rd and 5th from last years draft. Also a 2nd means we made the playoffs. We probably getting a 3rd for the upcoming draft for Vilma,
  15. scout

    scout Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    #15 Jersey

    Well, it won't be a second, not with barely a 500 record. I wouldn't be surprised if there is talk about benching Bret before too much longer. Meanwhile, Chad puts up pretty good numbers.
  16. KontradictioN

    KontradictioN Do you even lift? Supporter

    No Jersey Selected

    The Jets are truly the one team, in any sport mind you, that I absolutely love to hate.
  17. cartmen

    cartmen Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    #75 Jersey

    While I love the demise of the Rats lets relax a lil bit its week 2. You sound foolish when you say after 2 weeks they are folding up the beds and turning out the lights. He is washed up and old but he still has talent and can beat the lesser teams on the schedule with guile alone. The Jets D impressed me with their corners and safties. There line could be solid with Jenkins. Where the problem lies is in their O-line. Dbrick is a DDudd and Woody looks lost at RT he needs to be inside. they cant give Farve enough time to actually run the plays so he breaks off and improvises which causes problems. their D will keep them in games but their O wont score enough points to hang with the good teams
  18. K-Ro 25

    K-Ro 25 Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Why would we ever bench Brett and for who? Pennington was benched for Henne already. Pennington has played average.
  19. scout

    scout Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    #15 Jersey

    Don't want to hi-jack this thread, but come back next week when there will be postings on over the hill qb's named Brett.
  20. Mangold74

    Mangold74 Practice Squad Player

    This upcoming draft the Jets will probably get a 2nd or 3rd for Vilma. They already have the Redskins 4th round pick for Kendall. They will be giving up a pick for Farve which is undetermined. If Farve retires after one year they get a late round pick from the Packers the following year. The Jets drafted Revis, Rhodes, Lowery, Harris and Gholston. They signed Pace and traded for Jenkins. They are not an old defense and they did not mortgage their future.

    The Pats defense is not old at all. Bruschi Vrabel and Harrison are up in age but thats about it. Wilfork, Seymour, Warren, Green, Mayo, Thomas etc... are all young in just reaching their prime.

    Both teams are going to have very good defense going forward.
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