Supplemental Draft: Patriots show some interest in OL Chris Patrick

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by DefenseRules, Jun 19, 2007.

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    Very interesting. I read about this at Patriots Insiders today. I haven't heard or read of that BB/Pioli have any interest in that corner some of you have talked about. I wonder what they would be willing to give up for this guy?
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    As it stands:

    Light (LT)
    Kaczur (Swing)
    Britt (Swing)
    O'Callaghan (RT)
    Hilliard (rookie)
    Oldenburg (rookie)

    That isn't a lot of depth considering the four OTs BB likes to carry during the season are competing with two late round rookies (especially with the questions about Kac and OC's concussion history).

    Patrick looks like an interesting prospect from the quote below and his profile on NFLDraftScout, I can see BB considering a day two offer for him...since Kaczur was drafted with a third round comp pick out of the MAC, I'm wondering if the Pats 2008 3rd would be on the table if they thought this kid was an upgrade over the two 6th rounders above?

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