Steve Grogan autographed picture on eBay for charity

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by ceames1, Apr 7, 2006.

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    Hope it's okay to post this here. I'm participating in the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life of Greater Portland, Maine. I sent out letters to over 250 celebrities, asking for unique items they could donate for me to auction off. Steve Grogan was gracious enough to give me an autographed picture, dated 2/6/06, and I just put it up on eBay this morning.

    If anyone is interested in bidding on this, the address is But, you'd have better luck visiting our website ( and clicking the link there on the front page. Or, you could always search eBay. I think I put enough keywords in there so you can find it.

    Anyway, if anyone is interested in getting this and helping out the American Cancer Society in the process, please make a bid, and tell anyone you know who may be interested in this.

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    very cool of you

    bumpty bump bump
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    Doesn't need a bump since it's sticky, but might benefit from a bold thread title for a new reply, no? :)

    Only 2 days left and bidding is only up to 26 bucks?!? Come on! While the original Pat Patriot uni's still give me nightmares, if it stays at this price, hell, I'll buy it. You Pat Patriot / throwback die-hards should pay big to keep it outta the hands of a Flying Elvis lover. ;)
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    hey goober--I bumped it to the top before it became a sticky :eat1:
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    Hey pencil neck--I wasn't talking to you. :p

    (I meant it doesn't need a bump again.)
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    Thanks to everyone that bid! The winner is way out in Colorado, and it sold for $34.33.

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