Remember those joint practices back in training camp?

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    #12 Jersey - Blogs: Rap Sheet Blog Archive Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff, on the Patriots after watching Monday night: “They looked unstoppable.”

    The article focuses on Dimitroff's thoughts on the Pats after dismantling the Jets, but also touches upon the success of both the Falcons and Patriots, who held joint practices together.

    The Falcons also held joint practices with the Jaguars, who have a chance to win the AFC South. The Patriots held joint practices with the the defending champ Saints, who look dangerous once again. I believe the Saints also held joint practices with the Texans.

    Which seems to suggest teams that held joint practices are doing quite well so far apart from Houston, but there's nothing that can overcome Gary Kubiak I think.

    The last time the Patriots held joint practices was in 2001. It didn't seem to help much since they lost 3 of their first 4 games, but the team came together to win their first of 3 Super Bowls.

    I wonder if BB will think about doing it again this off-season. It seems to have been very productive for all involved minus Houston.
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    I made the three hour trek down from NH to attend the Saints practice. Made for a good day of football.
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    I think what those joint practices may have done, is given those teams' FOs a better, earlier idea of what kind of team they had, and what changes they needed to make before TC ended. Pre-season games appear to have less importance for starters & top backups than ever before, so the more opportunities that rookies, FAs & guys on the bubble have to make an impression, the better for them & for us.
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