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playing favorites

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by kas, Feb 18, 2008.

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    Just to get a feel for everyone's favorite prospects. Pick your favorite players based on round1, early rounds (rounds 2/3), later rounds (4-7). Do one position or many. Try to limit it to one player per category.

    round1: Keith Rivers (love this guy as a ILB in our defense, IMO he'd be a stud)
    early rounds: Jerod Mayo (favorite LB in the entire draft)
    late rounds: Phil Wheeler (might go a bit earlier, but I like his big play ability both in sacks and picks)

    round1: Jonathan Stewart (Felix Jones a close second)
    early rounds: Steve Slaton
    late rounds: Justin Forsett

    round1: Antoine Cason (IMO he's the best corner inthe draft and will run better than expected)
    early rounds: Brandon Flowers
    later rounds: Jack Ikegwonu (tons of talent, IR stash year 1)

    I'll add some more later
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