Pats fan from UK - First Visit!!

Discussion in 'New Member's Area' started by Gerinako, Sep 1, 2009.

  1. Gerinako

    Gerinako Rookie

    Hi Guys & Girls!

    I'm arriving in Boston in just over a weeks time and have tickets for the opening game vs the Bills.

    I've done some research and I've found there's a train that runs from Boston (South Station?) to the stadium - can anyone advise if you buy the ticket on the day or is it best to do before hand? Or are there any better means of getting to the game!? Also an idea of $ would be appreciated. (Should I just rent a car?!)

    In addition I'm wondering if you know of any pre-match/departure entertainment I could find, as I know for my Soccer games here I hit a pub before getting the bus/train/tram to the game!

    I look forward to any replies!
  2. Michael

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    Welcome Gerinako. What a great trip. I live in MA and can't go to the game.
  3. jmt57

    jmt57 Moderator Staff Member Supporter

    Check this out: Official New England Patriots - Game Reports - Stadium Details

    Now those times are for a typical 1:00 pm game. From what I have read, for Monday night games the train departs about a half hour after the game is finished and arrives about an hour before the start of the game. I would call them to check what their schedule will be like on that day - call 617-222-3200, or the ticket office info line at (800) 543-1776.


    As far as train or renting a car, there are pros and cons to each:

    Train: less expensive than cost of parking and renting a car; no sitting in traffic (and yes, you will be sitting in traffic for a long time); no concerns with drunk driving or driving on unfamiliar roads.

    Car rental: if you want to tailgate - whether it be to barbecue, drink, or simply enjoy the pre-game atmosphere for a few hours - then you are going to miss all that if you take the train; no coolers, no drinking on the train.


    As far as public transportation goes, what the US offers is sadly far behind what you are probably used to. For those going to the game, the only pre-game party is pretty much the one that is going on in the parking lots outside the stadium. In this case though you are in luck since it is a night game, so you may have a few options.

    My question to you is this: where abouts are you staying? Once we know that we can give you some ideas on where you may want to go before the game.
  4. Gerinako

    Gerinako Rookie

    Thanks jmt57, looks like a possible car rental may be in order - best find all my documents before I travel as I just ditch them in my drawer! :)

    I'll be staying at on Hemenway Street, Boston so I think I'm pretty much in/near the centre!

    And regarding public transport where I'm from - I'm from the Isle of Man (I just put UK as 99% of people I talk to don't know where it is! :D)
    Isle of Man - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    We have no trains, I never use the buses as the times don't suit me, Taxi's are over priced and the trams are driven by horses. Brilliant eh!
    So I expect it will be slightly better than what I'm used to!

    I'm relying on it to get me to New York after :eek:

  5. jimmydasaint

    jimmydasaint Rookie

    Hey If you rent a car then just hit patriot place. Bars all around. One in Hotel is likely spot for players to hang post game also, according to the bar tender there. Bar Louise is great. Still gotta pay for parking ($50) in lot. If you stay in free parking more then 1.5 hours they charge $150 (to keep people from using free parking if they are going to the game). So just pay for parking and tailgate or hit bars in patriot place. Im 5 minutes away so I have been contributing much to the Bob Kraft Stimulus plan....
  6. larryo

    larryo Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    I have always thought The Isle of Man looked like a cool place to live. Have fun in Boston and at the game. Enjoy.
  7. Gerinako

    Gerinako Rookie

    I wouldn't say the Isle of Man is that cool a place to live. If you like your sports etc then getting to a game is annoyingly painful. So many times I've just woke up on a Saturday and thought to myself....I really want to watch a Football (soccer) game today, I don't care if it's not even my own team, I just need to go.... but can't :(

    For two weeks of the year it's absolutely brilliant though with the Isle of Man TT Races; the popuation effectively doubles for 2 weeks, have events at the local villa, on the prom and large marquees put along the sea front acting as beer tents. Daily live music (usually local bands but pretty good) and to cap it off some amazingly fast road racing!

    But you get we call Island fever (where you just have to get off the rock!) I'm gonna shift it all with one blow hopefully by going on this holiday and going to 3 of USA finest cities! Boston, NY & Vegas - sorted! From a population of 80,000 to a population of 250 million in the sapce of 10 hours! wahay!

    Looking forward to it now.

    Quick Q if anyone else see's this as I slightly panicked this morning, Will Call for Pats game - there is a ticket office at the stadium to collect this? Or in town? Or both?

  8. The Gus

    The Gus Rookie

    Hey, it looks like Will Call tickets can be taken from 4h before kickoff, at the Gillette Stadium ticket office (I have a Will Call ticket too, I'm from Brittany) If you take the train you will get there at 5:15PM (MBTA > Riding the T > Patriots).

    Is parking really 50$? ouch! Is there free parking lots near some other train stations?
  9. Gerinako

    Gerinako Rookie

    WoW....what a game that was then eh? :cool:

    Hopefully the next one I go to isn't quite so....dramatic - give me a comfortable win anytime!

    Here's a couple of snaps I took too - got a video of the F15 fly over etc aswell but I can't be bothered to upload it yet as I'm still on holiday :D

  10. Michael

    Michael Moderator Staff Member Supporter

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    Awesome snaps. Thanks for sharing them.

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