NEW: NE & HOU LIVE Game Center - Should be Ready By Game Time!

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Ian, Dec 9, 2012.

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  1. Ian

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    With the main portion of the site more or less finished I've been busy continuing to work on some new things, including a new skin for the forum which is still moving along slowly. However, as I mentioned last weekend I've also been working on something for Monday night's game against the Texans for those of you who follow the game here, as well as for each game going forward.

    Some of you probably are aware that I track all the stats during each game for our database and Monday night I'll be testing allowing all of you to access it as I'm doing it and have created a page that I'm going to release for you to try out.

    The way it will work is I will provide a password and a URL to access it right around game time Monday night here in the forum.

    I'll update it at the end of each drive after I've verified the stats against the splits for accuracy and you'll be able to view the same splits you can currently find in the individual game pages in the database, including stats for both sides in terms of play distance totals, individual unique player splits, etc.

    Once you've logged in all you have to do is simply leave the window open. I will set it to refresh every few minutes, and it will automatically update after I've uploaded the information. You'll be able to toggle back and forth between both teams and it should hopefully be another resource that you find useful in terms of some of the additional things I try and track during the game. Again - due to the league's rules it's not done in real time and the information won't be there until the end of each drive, but hopefully there will be some additional things that you'll find interesting as you watch the game.

    I've also got a really cool thing I'm working on for it heading into next week against San Francisco, but I don't think I'm going to get it done by Monday night's game. I came up with it half-way through putting this together but it will require a lot of coding to create it and I don't see myself being able to pull it off in time. But hopefully that will end up allowing you to have some additional breakdowns that aren't easily available as well.

    Otherwise hope everyone has had a good weekend, and let's hope they get win #10 Monday night :D

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  2. naF staP

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    Re: NE & HOU LIVE Game Center - Should be Ready By Game Time

    Cool, can't wait to check it out!! THANKS!!

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  3. mayoclinic

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    Sounds like the "Superstorm Sandy" weather tracker.
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