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    First time posting! Hello to everyone,

    I am a new Patriots fan, 46 years old, have not followed pro football in years. Grew up with the Seahawks, and though I like them there has never been a great passion there. I follow my college team with a passion (Florida State Seminoles), but pro? Did not feel anything. Until now.

    For a long time I've taken a good look and consideration for the Patriots. My aunt was a great fan her entire life (God rest her) and from that my daughters came to love the team. I always felt that it was "their thing" and I did not want to considered as a "bandwagon jumper". Then the daughters invited me to the elder daughter's favorite sports bar and I watched the game --- and suddenly "got it"! But the final step came this weekend, before the Broncos game, I went into the sporting good store and did it: I bought a Patriots jersey. Imagine the surprise when my family saw me with it on!

    Now, win or lose, through it all, I am a new New England Patriots fan! I look forward to getting to know the team, learn all that I can about it, follow the draft and the team's moves on and off the field, and especially become a part of this message board.

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