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    I was just looking at the GBN mock draft rounds 4-7 and was surprised by how many quality players are still going to be available on Day 2. I initially was prepared to be underwhelmed but as I read it I was saying to myself "I want him...and him...and how did *he* slip this far ? I want him!"

    I know we have 2 #4s and a #5 but I was seeing players who have legitimate NFL skills still being available deep into round 6. I know that the percentage of guys who make it in the NFL from rounds 4-7 goes down astronomically from rounds 1-3 but this year seems to be different in that there are plenty of players who have enough ST skills and true NFL *potential* to make me think about taking a flyer on more rookies than you would normally for a deep veteran team like the Pats.

    I mean, like Kai Parham is *very* slow but would you risk taking him in the 6th round? This draft is full of "maybe...just maybe" guys who can actually play like Gerald Riggs, Jeremy Bloom, Tim Day etc. Guys who if things break right can be big time winners for your team.

    So my question is, would you be willing to trade the Pats 2nd 3rd rounder for extra Day 2 picks? I think it's rough value translates into picks in round 4, 5, and 6 (and you could probably trade the 6th rounder forward for a 5th next year).

    What say you?
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    I would do the opposite. We have comp picks too.

    Since we can only keep so many players, we would be drafting for other teams.
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    I'd say whatever we do, always trade for next year somewhere in your deal, just because people will always give you a big mac tomorrow for a cheeseburger today.
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    i think rounds 2-4 are the money rounds this year. i'd like to trade our 1st round down if possible and lower rounds up if possible to get as many 2nd-4th round players as we can. does anybody else agree?
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