Miami is pathetic.

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Fanfrom1960, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. Fanfrom1960

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    Culpepper to Jerry Porter (ghost of to ghost of) 27 yd TD pass. 28 - 17 Raiders, in Miami! Raiders being made to look like a good team. Dolphins -> :bricks:

    Now 3 and out.
  2. Kdo5

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    4 TDs by Dante Culpepper. I love this but I think the Bills victory and Pennington's choke was better.
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  3. Michael

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    Like I posted in the Bills/Rats thread IT IS safe to say the Pats have already clinched the division.
  4. Remix 6

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    besides Ronnie Brown being a beast, miami blows

    u shoulda seen Ronnie run BJ Ward over into the ednzone. it was disgusting
  5. Hollywood_Brady

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    they cant handle the run... fargas, jordan, culpepper... goodness miami.. my goodness..
  6. Kdo5

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    Culpepper with 5 TDs. Where are you, Aqua?
  7. jaychamp

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    It must be a sad day if you have to admit the Raiders are better than your team. And Oakland looks considerably better than the fish.
  8. FloridaPatsFan

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    Good for Culpepper.

    Dolphins had him escorted off the property last year by security. Nice way to find out you've been cut by the team, eh?

    Payback is a beyoch!!!

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