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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by cstjohn17, Jan 15, 2007.

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  1. cstjohn17

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    The game against Indy could go down as a NFL classic. The Patriots have every excuse to have a let down against the Colts. Very emotional game, tons of media distractions (LT dance, Peyton versus Brady, AV, etc., etc.)

    The Patriots will rise above the noise and play like champions, a lesser team would fold up and start making excuses.

    This is by no means an easy game, I re-looked at the drive charts from the 11/5 game against Indy, they only punted once. We will need a better effort this time.

    Dig deep boys, dinner is served Sunday at 6:30! Go Pats!
  2. BigEZPatsFan76

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    You know that scares me more than anything, it was a big emotional win, which you have to wonder how much it took out of the team. One thing is for sure, we can NOT have 5 TO's in this game (neither can the Colts).

  3. patsfaninpa

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    Kind of reminds of Pittsburgh's run last year. Colts waxed them in reg. season. Nobody game Pitt a chance to beat them at Indy. Won, excruciating game. Where they were screwed and had to overcome fumble to hang on. Rolled into Denver and spanked the Broncos. I feel the same about this game. Pats have slayed the dragon. There is a formidable foe left. But, one we can deal with. During Pats run they have won 3 road games now where noone gave them a chance. Two AFC title games at Pitt and yesterday. Last unconquered piece of land left is Indy. Need to silence Colts and their fans in their house. I even hate saying house. But, whatever.

    Oh yeah. Would enjoy a little payback in Miami for SB XX too.:)
  4. Ishdul

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    The Pittsburgh-Indianapolis comparison really fits, oddly enough. The year before the Steelers won it all, they had one of the best regular season's in league history but disappointed in the season. They then had a relatively mediocre regular season with a very similar level of talent, but showed the strengths that they had the year before on the road to a SuperBowl victory. Likewise, we're starting to see the improved defense that Indianapolis was touted as having last year right now in the playoffs after not seeing it in the regular season. It just goes to show that you can't evaluate teams based on one season's worth of play...
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