Man Found Dead In Arrowhead Stadium Parking Lot During The Game

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    News like this is always depressing because in most cases it was likely completely avoidable in having to have gotten that far result in the loss of a man's life.

    You go to a football game mainly to enjoy football. If everyone followed this simple logic, all the extracurricular stuff wouldn't transpire. At the end of the day it's just a game and nothing more.

    Thoughts and prayers go out to the loved ones of whomever was killed in what was likely, if the reports are accurate, a senseless tragedy.
  3. PATRlOT

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    Wow that's sad. Prayers out to anyone involved.

    Unlesss the guy's name was Peyton
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    Very sad, but a little strange too, since they say the guy who died did not have any obvious injuries that led to his death. On the other hand, hard to believe that the police would take 3 people into custody as persons of interest if no one was involved in the guy's collapse. It will probably come out that the guy was drunk and died after hitting his head when somebody threw him out of the car or to the ground.
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    If he hit his head that would be a sign of injury, assuming it significant enough to cause death. It could have been a heart attack.

    I'm also wondering why the man and his son left in the middle of a close game in the biggest game of the year for the Chiefs. That doesn't really add up to me, although I suppose it happens.
  6. Gronkandez

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    Right, that makes sense. Because all people sharing the same first name as P. Manning should die.
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    True, but the guy was reported to be in his 20s, so a heart attack, while possible, isn't likely, and neither is 3 people taken into custody if the guy showed signs he had a heart attack. The whole thing does sound strange, including the guy and his son leaving the stadium during the first half (can't get back in, at least in Foxboro). Maybe they knew the guy and somehow found out he broke into their car? I guess I should stop the morbid fascination and get back to work!

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