Kirwan: Beating Pats/Colts

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by SVN, Nov 3, 2007.

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  1. SVN

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  2. Brady to Brown

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    Re: Kirwan:Beating pats/colts

    Sounds like Kirwan is smart enough to beat the Patriots with a high school team :rolleyes:
  3. brady199

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    Re: Kirwan:Beating pats/colts

    3. It would be great if the Colts jumped into a 3-4 look once in a while. Why? So they don't waste a rusher on a QB who routinely gets rid of the ball before the pass rush gets to him. Indianapolis is not built to switch into a 3-4, but 3-4 teams like Cleveland and San Diego got some opportunities against Brady that the 4-3 teams can't produce.

    and where did that get them?
    also doesn't Dallas play a 3-4, cuz they were more effective than anyone (first half only) of getting to Brady. But Kirwans sources probably forgot to tell him that.
  4. cstjohn17

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    Re: Kirwan:Beating pats/colts

    Kirwan is about the best analyst out there, I can't think of any writer who is better or has his understanding of all the aspects of modern football (salary cap, roster decisions, depth, matchups, etc.).

    Instead of countless articles about cameras, scoring points, etc. he focuses on football. I enjoyed this article, just like I enjoy the majority of his work.
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  5. sieglo

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    Re: Kirwan:Beating pats/colts

    I love how the top o the Colts' to-do list is "complain about ther officiating".

    Some things never change!!

    (Meanwhile, one wonders why Kirwin didn't suggest to the Pats to ***** about all the offensive holding that the Colts' line does.)
  6. SVN

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    Re: Kirwan:Beating pats/colts

    agreed. Even BB respects him a lot as i heard once chat with kirwan on the radio.
  7. NYCPatsFan

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    Re: Kirwan:Beating pats/colts

    I agree with both this and the previous post that said Kirwan is one of the best. I think Kirwan does some excellent work but to suggest the #1 advice that the Colts complain to officials? Disappointing...
  8. letekro

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    Re: Kirwan:Beating pats/colts

    He's saying that putting that in the minds of the officials may nullify a big play to Moss - one that could be the difference in the game. I think this is good advice and I'm sure Dungy will be on the officials about it.

    Moss better be careful. At Indy, he's not likely to get the benefit of the doubt on too many calls.
  9. chrisfx811

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    Re: Kirwan:Beating pats/colts

    I read this yesterday on my phone, and was actually quite impressed with the analysis. It actually had me discussing the age of our lb's with my fiancee. She loved that btw. ;)
  10. bclaff

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    Ha Ha. Number 1 is about crying to the Refs

    Ha Ha. Number 1 is about crying to the Refs. Right up Polian's alley.
  11. bradmahn

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    There was nothing insightful in that article. Disappointing work by Kirwan, who usually has something good to say.
  12. Patriotic Fervor

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    Re: Kirwan:Beating pats/colts

    Recall, if you will, the '76 playoff game against Oakland.

    From the get-go, Madden was on the refs big time, all the time. He simply didn't let up!

    This, of course, led to the eventual non-call of Phil Villapiano riding piggy-back on Russ Francis' shoulders late in the 4th quarter that undoubtedly cost them a real shot at winning that game.

    Madden was a helluva coach, I'll give you that, but as effective as that ploy was for him in that game, that dog and pony show he gave us diminished him a bit in my eyes.

    Just a little historical perspective on that type of thing....
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