Justin Warren released

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  2. patriotsdynasty12189

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    Freddie Roach the 2nd. I like the looks of that kid from UAB better anyways. Even though this kids name is Warren which seems to be a good football name ;).
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    #37 Jersey

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  4. solman

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    Did we already pay the $5K bonus?

    Not that $5K is a terrible amount of money to lose for the opportunity to evaluate a player.

    But if we paid the $5K, I'd want to take a longer period of time to see what the kid can do.
  5. sebman2112

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    This kind of sucks. I was hoping he'd make the team, but I didn't expect him to show up and ride the bike throughout the entire rookie mini-camp. I'm actually kind of dissapointed with him, and I think it's kind of sad he'd show up and basically do nothing....that's not what I expected. Now, this might be good news for my boys Lua and Rogers :)
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  6. pats1

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    Yes, signing bonus are paid upon contract signing.
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    This part of the offseason is progressing just like last year's:

    June 2 - Waived Keon Jackson. ...?...
    May 25 - Waived Jeremy Loyd. ...?...
    May 17 - Waived Sam Smith. Waived Justin Warren
    May 15 - Signed rookie free agent running back Patrick Cobbs and rookie free agent wide receiver Jakari Wallace. Signed Poland and Dunlap
    May 8 - Signed free agent linebackers Barry Gardner and Jeremy Lloyd. OK, not here...
    May 8 - Signed the following 15 UDFAs [Nose tackle Remi Ayodele(Oklahoma); Center Brian Barthelmes (Virginia); Quarterback Corey Bramlet (Wyoming); Cornerback Vernell Brown (Florida); Wide receiver Erik Davis (Vanderbilt); Defensive end Kader Drame (Syracuse); Offensive tackle Randy Hand (Florida); Safety Jarvis Herring (Florida); Safety Keon Jackson (Toledo); Linebacker Corey Mays (Notre Dame); Linebacker Freddie Roach (Alabama); Wide receiver Matt Shelton (Notre Dame); Safety Sam Smith (Delaware State); Cornerback Gemara Williams (Buffalo); Linebacker Pierre Woods (Michigan)] Signed 7 UDFAs
  8. BadMoFo

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    He got 5 G's and a free room and board in Foxboro this weekend, not bad. All to ride a bike.
  9. zippo59

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    It seemed like he was too injured to participate. I wonder if that had anything to do with it.
  10. Pats726

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    A nice comparison...I think the difference netween the 15 and the 7 is that this year there are realistically a lot fewer spots open on the 83. As far as Warren goes...I was less excited about him than some of the others; more due to what I had read about regarding his work ethic than anything else. Seems like his condirioning OR lack of it speeded his exit... I am hoping that draftee Hilliard is not next.
  11. patsox23

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  12. Box_O_Rocks

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    The kid was nursing an injury, he may turn up in the Fall on the Practice Squad if they want to give him another look when he's healthy. Beyond that, normal attrition. Interesting that four of the 15 initial UDFA's signed in 2006 are still with the team.
  13. Pats726

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    And from 04...Wright, Childress and Charles... (I know they cut Ventrone and Smith earlier...Charles wasn't..so I presume he's around..maybe not) And two other UDFAs who were in camp that year..Ventrone (NYJ) and Robbie Gould (Chic) I think shows that that group was quite strong. From 04 Gay and Alexander...
    Of the 4 from last year at least now, I am thinking Woods has the most chance of sticking long term..with Mays and Barthelmes a bit less so. I really think Mays will show a LOT more this year inside..and big BrianB might be a solid inside backup. GemeraW is shorter and may have a harder time sticking..my thoughts are he MAY be an early exit this year..but could be wrong.
    This year, with half the number of UDFAs I do expect at least 3 to stay around.
  14. patsgo

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    3 0n the practice squad
  15. Pats726

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    OR roster....or for that matter IR
  16. TheSeymonsta

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    I thought he was one of the saviours of the Linebacking crew????:confused:
  17. patsgo

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    reiss just posted he wa s cut because he failed his physical
  18. solman

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    Are you sure?

    These undrafted rookie free agent deals are agreed to over the phone, without even the opportunity for a physical.

    It would seem a little foolish for the Patriots to not at least make the signing bonus contingent upon a physical (which, in this case, Warren has failed).

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