Jarvis Green reflects on his 8 years with the Patriots (VIDEO)

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    Jarvis Green reflects on 8 years with Pats | turnto10.com

    Classy guy - I thought he was getting a bit teary eyed several times during this interview,its obvious that being a Patriot and living in the Massachussettes area meant alot to him and his family.

    I am going to miss him and will always remember the terror he caused on Peyton in the playoffs during the championship seasons.

    I hope he ends his career on a solid note (just not a championship because that would mean NE didn't win it that year ;) :))
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  2. MoLewisrocks

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    Yup. I think it was money for sure, and he had to have more value to Josh because of his system experience and scheme knowledge, but probably that one remaining what if shot to see if he could start as opposed to being the well compensated backup to a stud turned nice rotational player which is likely what our offer reflected. I think he already regrets the choice on some level but he accepts it was his to make and he decided to go for it. Great guy on and off the field and he certainly contributed significantly to our ability to win back to back rings in 2003-04.

    Love the comments about playing for Bill and whether or not he'd recommend it - if you want to be the best you can be...as well as how teamwork within the scheme is what allowed them to succeed.
  3. shmessy

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    Thanks, PFiPA for that link.

    That interview should be required viewing for everyone on this board.

    Every now and then it's good to remember these men as individual human beings.

    Jarvis Green seems like a truly nice person. And, yes, I did choke up a bit when he said how in these 8 years he came away with more friends in NE than in his entire life in Louisiana. He looked crestfallen saying that, knowing that he is leaving these friends. I remember reading a few years ago how he was working in the offseasons in NE for an outboard boat motor company as a management trainee.

    Here's wishing Jarvis Green and his family the very best in life.
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  4. signbabybrady

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    Great interview.

    Jarvis still believes in this team and thinks they have championship potential.

    Thank you Jarvis for some great years here.
  5. Yehoodi

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    great classy guy, great interview, thanks for posting. I am sure he was troubled with leaving and was torn. he played a vital role for the pats. I am sure it was not easy for him to be a back-up most of the time as all players want to play. hopefully for him Denver will be a good home for him . . .

    all NFL players need to see this video
  6. Seacoast Fan

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    When Jarvis signed his first big contract with NEP, I thought, why are they giving that kind of money to him? and, then, he showed me why. Since then, I try not to question BB too much. :D
    Green played great for us and its too bad he left.
  7. jagkho

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    Seems like a really good guy, and a guy that will be missed in the locker room.
  8. patriots pam

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    Thanks for posting! Also, for anyone interested, he is @JarvisGreen on twitter. I just sent him a message wishing him the best in Denver (well, you know, except when they play the Pats, of course, but I didn't find it necessary to include that bit. :D)
  9. efin98

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    He sounds like he generally hoped to remain here in New England, not the phoney act you see many athletes put up when they sign elsewhere but an actual disappointment at not being able to agree to terms...It's not just being on the verge of tears at times, it's his voice and his arm movements- he generally seemed to be holding back tears and sadness. You have to respect him for that, he loved this area and loved the team. :rocker:
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  10. Jackson 2

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    What a class act. To say he'll be missed is a gross understatement. I wish him nothing but the best.
  11. Patriot_in_NY

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    Class act.... Sad he's not a Patriot anymore... but that is life sometimes.
  12. What a great guy to have had on this team. He seemed like a great guy and was a high character guy. Wish nothing but the best to him.
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