If you thought NFL teams paid alot...

Discussion in 'Other Sports Forum' started by CelticPatriot, Sep 1, 2013.

  1. resdubwhite

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    Ozil gone to Arsenal for €50 million.
  2. Remarker

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    The NFL draws a fraction of the fans soccer does. There's a reason the NFL wants to go international.

    Most Frequently Cited Ranked Lists
    1) Football: 3.3-3.5 billion fans (Europe, Africa, Asia, Americas, etc.)
    2) Cricket: 2-3 billion fans (India, UK, Pakistan, Asia, Australia, etc.)
    3) Field hockey: 2-2.2 billion fans (Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia)
    4) Tennis: Around 1 billion fans (Europe, Americas, Asia)
    5) Volleyball: Around 900 million fans (Asia, Europe, Americas, Australia)
    6) Table tennis: Around 900 million fans (Asia, Europe, Africa, Americas)
    7) Baseball: Around 500 million fans (US, Japan, Cuba, Dominican Republic)
    8) Golf: Around 400 million fans (US, Canada, Europe)
    9) Gridiron (American football): 390-410 million fans (US mainly)
    10) Basketball: Not more than 400 million fans (US, Canada mainly)
    What is the most popular sport in the world
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    One pretty common theme to the top sports on that list, namely Asia and in particular the Indian sub-continent. Instead of a future NFL franchise in London, perhaps they should be thinking about one in Karachi and one in Mumbai. Road trips would be a killer though.
  4. resdubwhite

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    its worth noting. TV money for European soccer and NFl are not comparable. Nor is the price of tickets/ match day experience.

    this is where clearly the NFL has an advantage. Being able to squeeze the dollars.
  5. Husse

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    Benzema has never lived up to the hype of his transfer and play in Lyon, he is not and the same level as Bale. And RM has young players waiting in the wings with Morata and Jesé.

    di Maria is too inconsistent in his play, one game he looks great and others he can't even complete easy passes, so while his top level may be close to Bales you can't count on which di Maria you will see on match-day. Although he has been pretty good so far this season.

    I'm upset they are selling Özil as he was one of the best players for RM the last few years and I really like him as a player. I think he had the most assist last season. He's been lackluster this season and with the addition of Isco (who has been the best RM player along with Modric so far this season), Özil is sadly in a position where he probably won't get much playing time. And there just isn't room on the center of the pitch to play Modric, Isco and Özil at the same time.

    Also, when they bought Ronaldo, the contract included that RM had something like 50% rights to all player images. And I would think the same kind of deal is done with Bale.

    This isn't just a player signing, it's also a business move. Bale is a very marketable player.

    Still, the amount of money paid is staggering, even if RM won't pay everything at the same time.

    EDIt: Sorry, didn't see the last line of your post. :bricks:
  6. Remarker

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    Haha, you've got that right.

    For the sake of the discussion though, London is Europe's NY City...Europe's media center. Get a toe hold in London and go from there seems to be the NFL strategy.

    Fwiw the NFL has pissed China (a big part of Asia) off so cracking that egg is unlikely at this point.
  7. Husse

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    Nah, just have some pre-season tours, that's what european football teams do. :D
  8. Remarker

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    Regardless, it's hard to argue against trying to get 3 billion sports fans. It must have some value.

    Call me crazy but I think American football is the best spectator sport on the planet. If sports fans are exposed to Am. football, how can they not like it?
  9. resdubwhite

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    oh of course. but won't the timezone different be a killer for fans trying to watch games at a 12 hour time difference.
  10. Remarker

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    Correct. It's a way to help expand the fan base...which means more money. Those guys are not the Salvation Army. It's all about the money.
  11. condon84

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    Well see if Bale lives up to the hype. They should have kept Ozil, played him in the center and play Isco behind him and move Modric. Modric IMO does not have the quality to be the pivot for RM.

    I'm happy that Ozil is going to Arsenal instead of ManU. It's about time Arsenal is spending money.
  12. shmessy

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    LOL - looks like another Mod beat me by one minute in moving this one out.

    "Waiter, there's a fly in my soup!"

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  13. Husse

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    Yup, Bale could end up like the signing of Kaka. We'll see but as I am a RM fan I can only hope he does well. And thus far under Ancelotti they have played their best football as a team when they have played with only one of Isco and Özil. And Isco has just been too good to play Özil.

    Problem is that Isco and Özil are too similar to function together, they like to work the same area and you can't play both without playing one out of position, and things get too clogged in the middle with both of them there.
    Modrics role is more like Xavis role in Barca, being the deep lying midfielder that controls the rhythm compared to Isco/Özil playing forward and making things happen. Maybe his role will diminish when Illaramendi/Alonso get healthy.

    I get the feeling Ancelotti is thinking of Modric as RMs version of Pirlo.
  14. condon84

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    I see what you're saying about Isco/Ozil. It's too bad Ozil is the odd man out, he had great chemistry with Ronaldo and IMO was RM's second best player the past 3 years.

    I'm not sold on Modric playing Alonso's role. He doesn't have the pin point accuracy in his passes, and he's still too timid to even try those passes. He played well against Bilbao but the game just seemed to slow down when he's got the ball.
  15. Husse

    Husse Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Yeah, Özil is/was my favourite player on RM the last couple of years. You couldn't help but be excited when he got the ball. But maybe he's become sour with the RM management since the Isco deal. Despite his performance the last couple of years it's seems he didn't get very much respect from them, which saddens me.

    I agree with the assessment of Modric, I'd like to see what Illaramendi can do if he gets some playing time now that he is healthy.
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  16. nabwong

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    Ozil is an attacking genius. But he often didn't harass the opposition enough when he didn't have the ball. I think Bale is slightly overrated but he is an improvement on the defensive side of the ball. Bale's success will probably depend a lot on his health. I think he will have a lot of impact if healthy just because the Spanish league will be surprised by his speed and physicality.
  17. TyronePoole

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    lol @ Bale=Flacco
  18. CelticPatriot

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    I greatly dislike Madrid and Bale, so I'm ashamed to admit im wrong
  19. TyronePoole

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    too bad Suarez probably won't be sold this summer now, he'd probably blow this out of the water

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