If Aikman is a first ballot HOF inductee...

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  1. Alk

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    Then Brady could retire after this season and get in too. I was surprised Aikman got in this fast. Lets compare stats here.


    TOTAL 165 4715 2898 61.5 32942 7.0 165 TD 141 ints.


    TOTAL 78 2548 1577 61.9 18035 7.08 123 TD 66 ints.

    Two more seasons and Brady will have easily eclipsed Aikman's TD total. Not to mention the fact that Brady has already won as man Super Bowl's as Aikman has.
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    Yeah but your assuming that induction to the hall is based on intelligence and logic. It's not. It's as much a popularity vote as the Pro Bowls are and therefore, just as flawed.

    It's interesting how lasting first impressions can be.

    Aikman was always loved by the media machine. They painted him as the blond haired, blue eyed all american quarterback of "America's Team".

    Brady on the other hand, hasn't been "given" anything. Throughout his career they've tried to minimize and belittle his accomplishments. They labeled him a "6th round pick" and a "system quarterback" and no matter what he accomplishes in New England, somewhere in the back of the collective minds of the machine, Brady will always carry that (mis)label.

    It's irony at it's worst.

    Aikman actually fits the definition of "system quarterback" to a tee. Aikman's numbers are quite mediocre. The real evidence though is how the team never missed a beat when he missed time. Buerleine, Kosar, Garett...They all had success QB'ing that team. But when Aikman was healthy and his supporting case was out, the Cowboys always struggled miserably on offense. Take away Emmit, Irvin, or even Novacek and Aikman couldn't do anything with that offense. He needed every single one of his playmakers.

    The best thing about Aikman is how he did elevate his game in the postseason.

    But a FIRST BALLOT Hall of Famer??????????

    And what about Warren Moon? I don't really have a problem with either getting in but neither was good enough to go in on their first chance.

    This isn't the Hall of the very good. It's the Hall of Fame.

    If Warren Moon is a first ballot Hall of Famer then so should Andre Tippet be. Tippet was better compared to his peers than Moon was to his. Until he got injured, Tippet was no worse than the 2nd best OLB in the game. When was Moon every rated amongst the top 2 at his position or even the top 5 for that matter.

    Same thing with Jim Kelly.

    What's next? Dave Krieg? Boomer Esiason?
  3. Alk

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    And the biggest travesty of it all is Art Monk is still sitting at home waiting to get the call from the HOF.
  4. TNPatsFan

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    Yep, you gotta wonder about some of the HOF decisions. Some of these guys that get in are very questionable. For example, Dan Hampton. Dan Hampton?? He was maybe the 5th or 6th best defensive player on his team, and he's a Hall of Famer??

    And I agree, Pyper, about Jim Kelly. I never really saw him as a HOF'er. Sure, he put up big numbers on a high-powered offense, but he lost four SB's, and never did anything memorable. Can anyone recall a notable highlight play of his career? It was Thurman Thomas that made that offense what is was, and Kelly was along for the ride.
  5. rabthepat

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    The Hall of Fame is starting to get questionable. Everyone is saying Jerome Bettis is going to be a first ballot HOF. If Bettis gets in why not Jim Plunkett?
  6. texpat

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    I would think Brady stands a good chance of being a first ballot HOF, "if" he doesn't fall off a cliff in the stats dept.

    I will play devil's advocate; What makes you think there will be another SB for Brady? In todays NFL, with parity and free agency, it is amazingly difficult to win the SB. Everything has to go just perfect.

    That's what makes winning 3 0f 4 so special and we should all be thankful we aren't an Atlanta, or Tampa Bay or a Dolphin.
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  7. Alk

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    I don't think I ever said I thought Brady would win another Super Bowl. Although now that you bring it up, I do think he and Belichick have one more in them.
  8. texpat

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    Sorry, I assumed since you think Brady will pass Aikman' TD total you were also inferring that he would pass Aikman's SB wins also.

    Aikman got his three and then the team started losing players to FA, and Irvin's injury, and it was never the same.

    Will it happen here, we'll see.
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  9. Yankees/Colts

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    Aikman was probably better during their Superbowl runs than Brady was. You can't compare career stats until Brady's career is over. Brady will likely have some bad years at the end.

    During their Superbowl runs, Aikman's completion percentages were excellent while being a down the field passer. He had high Y/A's.

    Aikmam didn't have a massive amount of yards because they were a running team and simply didn't have many TD's because they all went Emmit Smith. His INTs were way down there though during their Superbowl runs as well.
  10. AzPatsFan

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    I'm glad that you don't Coach. Dan Hampton was the equivalent of Richard Seymour. He made everyone around him better. Dent can't ignore the run and just passrush without Hampton covering for him. Fridge can't shoot the gaps without Hampton's sound play to cover up his failed gambles. Hampton screened plenty of offesnive linemen away freom their MLB too. Singletary wouldn't be in the HOF without Hampton. He waas the key to their Defense just like Sey Monsta is.
  11. 363839

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    It already has happened. I like Aikman and think he is deserving of his HOF entry but he had the benefit of playing for a rich owner who wanted to win.
    Free agency had not reared it's ugly head yet and when it did, it took alot of Dallas' great players.
    Put it this way. If you look at the Dallas roster of their 3 SB teams, you will see alot more continuity in terms of personell. Compare that to the Patriots roster of their 3 SB.
    Tom has had to deal with the FA beast his whole career.
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  12. TruthSeeker

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    I think when all is said and done, Brady will have proven to be a better QB than Aikman. Don't get me wrong, Aikman was a fantastic QB, a true team player who gave up personal glory for team accomplishments. He played on a team that didn't have to throw as much as others because of a great running game, therefore he's not in the 40000 yard club. Also remember he retired at 32, Tom is 29, let's compare stats after Tom turns 32. Based on his stellar career, and great post seasons, Aikman certainly deserved first year induction, and so did Warren Moon, whoever said he didn't is just nuts. If Aikman doesn't deserve it because of low stats, then why wouldn't Moon deserve it ? His stats are through the roof, and if there wasn't such a thing as bigotry, he would have been the alltime leader in every QB stat. He deserved to be voted in his first year as much as Marino and Tarkenton did.

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