(I think...wish) Our new Punter: The dancing janitor (maybe)

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    "The 6-foot-5-inch, 212-pound Dragosavich arrived Thursday for a tryout, and the Patriots were impressed with what they saw in minicamp, as the North Dakota State product nearly took out some light fixtures in the Dana-Farber Field House with his skyscraping punts.

    "Mike is pretty athletic. He is a tall guy, so he is long and can generate some pretty good leg speed," said coach Bill Belichick, who compared Dragosavich to former Giants punter Dave Jennings."


    There was a video I saw from this thread on nfldraftcountdown

    Apparantly Drago doubled as a bball halftime show dancer where all 6"5 of him did the evolution of the dance in a janitor outfit with a broom and all

    In hindsight it could have been fake... I asked for the link of the post, so if I get I will post it. Besides, hitting the ceiling, that's pretty damn impressive though it says his motion is long but at 6"5 how can it not be? He punted an 79 yarder in college, 69 at the senior bowl

    Former WR who is NOT a liability in coverage... I like that.
    Year in college at WR
    Remember the viniateri to brown play?
    4.85 40 yd dash

    He's a long strider (http://youtube.com/watch?v=-vZiaMrdRCs)... watching him punt he takes 2-3 strides before letting it off. He just needs to be taught an alternate 1 step for certain situations. Something along those lines - it's technique which can be taught. When in form, he's got an accurate leg. Let's do some economics... he's young and cheap
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