I am SOOOOOO sick of the overuse of "CLASS" and "RESPECT"!

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  1. Snarf

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    OMG, is anyone else getting sick of everyone whining and complaining about "class" and "respect" and "lack of respect" and "classless" and "OMG they danced on our logo"?!

    Every game, every opponent, same old lame stuff (Pats fans dont help either with their whining about lack of respect).

    I mean, get the hell over it. :eek:

    This is football. If you don't want dudes dancing on your logo, then *win the godamn game*.

    If you lose, someone may do a stupid dance on your logo. Whatever. Get over it. Stop getting so offended by stupid things.

    Soon, visiting team fans wont be able to CHEER at all as it will be seen as "disrepsectful".

    Perhaps our country is getting stupid with political "sensitivity" and correctness, but our great game doesn't need to.
  2. MrBigglesWorth

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    ya that is true, seems like you can't do anything without someone getting offended
  3. RoughingthePasser

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    True- where are all those Bolt fans now?
  4. BradyManny

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    I agree 100% and have been trying to say this in the LT thread.

    The PC police have toned down sports enough. Now we have to worry about the opposing team's feelings after losing? Give me a break, what's next? Mandatory psychiatric visits after losses to express their emotions and cope?

    For anyone who thinks Hobbs acted classless tonite, then, in the words of the wise Dr. Perry Cox, , I'm going to go ahead write you a perscription for two testicles, and you feel free to get it filled out whenever you'd like.

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  5. PaulNEPats

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    Finally someone comes out and says it. Thanks OP, and I totally agree. It's football- people need to stop being such pansies.

    MDPATSFAN On the Game Day Roster

    Merriman isn't "the victim" here. He deserved to be called out after his conduct this season. He should devolunteer himself from the Pro Bowl.
  7. mcknice

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    No one is mentioning the shots that Marty Schottenheimer took at us following last year's 41-17 loss. He basically left us for dead saying that we've lost too much and it caught up to us. This led to Brady firing back during the week saying "we don't talk about other teams like that, we give the other team nothing but respect because that's what they deserve." He then followed that up with a virtuoso performance in a road win over a favored Atlanta team. Shaun Philips says "after we pounded their heads in 41-17 last year we handled it with class." Clearly he has a short memory.

    As far as LT goes, the whole fourth quarter when they showed him on the sidelines he had the "I can't believe this"/pissed off look on his face. He clearly overreacted and blamed it on our coach, which is funny because his coach took shots at the Pats last year and has never won jack. LT = Miguel Tejada 2003 after their playoff loss to the Sox.

    What's funny here is you got Rivers and Merriman trying to say how you should handle winning, when neither have won anything in their careers.

    The Pats mocking another team is not unprecedented, we've seen them mock the Eagles with the "wing flapping" in Superbowl XXXIX. This Patriot team, when they face a team that is a bit flashy I think they turn it up a notch, because they are not flashy themselves and I think it makes it feel sweeter when they pull it out.
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