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Discussion in 'New Member's Area' started by ipatriot, Nov 12, 2007.

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    Hello there, I am posting on this board for the first time. My name is Isaiah and I live in the northern part of WV. I love the Pats, Reds, and Cavs. (Although I do like the Reds the most!)

    I began liking the Pats from the first game I watched Tom Brady play. When they won the first SB, it clinched it for me. I liked how they played, Brady's toughness, and BB's smarts. Diehard Pats fans ever since.

    I know I may seem like a faker or bandwagoner to many New Englanders, but these are the facts. Here's to a 2008 SB and continued record of success (how about 3 in a row!)!

    GO PATS!!!

    P.S.- Oh, and I really dislike the Colts, Cowboys, and Steelers. Especially the Colts!
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    Welcome to the board!!

    (Nice member name, I'm kinda surprised no one's thought of using it before!?!?)

    You'll be surprised how much time gets spent reading this place on a daily basis, almost gets addictive after a while.

    Enjoy and welcome again. :)
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    Just kidding! Welcome! We're a pretty friendly bunch, for the most part. Just be careful to not step in the bullpoo from time to time. :D

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