how do either postons have clients?

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    well, i guess only one can do business in the nfl now,

    is any athlete coming out of college so stupid that they think the postons can help them? who was the first poston client? what a joke that would be.

    pace, peterson, and woodson have each lost millions by listening to these buffoons.

    answer my own question:
    Terrell Buckley, their first star client

    other dumbasses from michigan seem amazed (when your iq is under 110, that is easy).... eg, ty law, j peterson, woodson (what a ruined career), and dey boy charlie rogers! lol.. what a bunch of buttsniffs
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    It's easy. There is an unlimited supply of vulnerable young football players who fall for the Poston's "angry, disrespected black man" routine. The Postons turn the whole thing into "whitey" trying to take advantage of the "brothers" and these kids fall for it hook, line, and sinker.
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    I don't think it's that simple...

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