Hopefully in 10 days we have a fully loaded and healthy near injury-free team

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    I hope the guys who are working through the bangs and bruises and frequently on the injured list are getting much needed rest and hopefully thier ailments will no longer be a concern by game time next week.

    I would love to see an injury free report next week but Brady and his 'Sore Shoulder' will of course be a definite ;)

    Other than that lets hope for no doubtful or questionable guys next week.

    As far as I know there was no reported or notable injuries in the Giants game besides merriweather getting beat up a bit so unless something happens during full pads practice I think all guys should be good to go with nothing worse than 'probable or as they say now participated in practice' on the list

    Knock on wood
  2. psychoPat

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    Well, yes ... i know what you mean.
    We're accustomed to much worse.

    But Morris ... Dave Thomas ... Wright ... Colvin ... and Scott (ignoring 2 redshirts)
    are not quite negligible casualties.

    In trying to foresee our gameday inactives Jan 12th
    i have all our recent wounded available
    (with Willie Andrews sitting out as a healthy scratch - "coaches' decision".)
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