Greg Jennings-nfl leader in rec yds (preseason)

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    greg jennings is leading the nfl in preseason receiving yds
    hes a guy that some ppl on here (prob none more than me) wanted the pats to draft
    he was actually selected with our pick
    the pick we traded to the packers to trade up and get chad jackson
    what has he done: not played
    time will obv tell, but so far it looks like we might have been better off keepin the pick and taking greg jennings
    of course five yrs from now we'll prob be saying diff, but this should at least show that jennings has the potential, and were really not sure yet when it comes to cjack

    my early prediction(was when he was drafted) is that jennings will be the rookie of the year
    the number one wr there is donald driver, after that they dont have much: robert ferguson, rod gardener
    so jennings will get his chances, and so far hes capitalized on them

    last yr the leader (preseason rec yrd) was mark bradley for the bears, who showed some flashes of brilliance last yr, but obv wasnt anything spectacular even for a rookie wr, dont forget that he had orton then grossman throwin to him though

    anyway obv what im sayin is i know this doesnt mean too much, but it does mean something
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    I think Bradley was injured.

    Jennings has been sensational. The Packers, their fans and the Packer media are obsessed about WR height. The thought of Brett Favre throwing to a smurf literally offends many of he fans.

    There used to be unwritten law inside of Lambeau that absolutely no WR under 6' are to be taken in the draft.

    Jennings measured 5'11 1/8th" at the combine. Today Jennings was listed as being 5' 11 7/8ths", so he's grown 3/4ths of an inch during training camp.

    And they won't stop until they've bumped his up to over 6'. When he was drafted they tried to say he was 6'.

    They claim Driver is 6', and that is total BS. Jennings told a reporter that he just as tall as Driver. He very nearly is.

    I'm still trying to figure out how lying about WR height makes them better.
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    haha, speaking of wr height, branch is listed as being taller than faulk, there is noooo way that is true, ive seen them stand side-by-side
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