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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by NEfan32, Jan 26, 2008.

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  1. NEfan32

    NEfan32 On the Game Day Roster

    Not a promotion, but I just bought a whole bunch of stuff from and they had some great deals.

    There is 15% off your entire purchase thing going on, so I saved 50 bucks on my purchase. I spent like 300 bucks on stuff and it ended up being like 250.

    I got my Brady probowl jersey, a Welker SB jersey, some pics and the best bargain for any Moss fan.

    They have a Reebok Premier Jersey for 22 bucks then the 15% off that. It was originally 100, but it was marked down. It is a Raiders jersey, but it is a special kind, so it doesn't have the logo. It is ash gray with darker numbers and name. Everything is sewn on. Was so excited to find it. It is in the outlet section in the Raiders.

    Just wanted to let people know. If you are planning to buy anything, go to instead of anywhere else b/c you'll save a lot of money.

    MRBLAZE Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    i seen that too. was going to pull the trigger and order some stuff, but went with instead. they have a 20% off orders over $50, ordered a Brady XLII jersey with free 3-day shipping for a total of $63 - bargain I thought.
  3. AVrabel50Fan

    AVrabel50Fan Practice Squad Player

    It pisses me off that they have certain Pro Bowl jerseys and not others. Where the hell is Vrabel's jersey?? I have been waiting since Christmas to get one and no one has them yet! What gives?
  4. Patriotic Fervor

    Patriotic Fervor Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    Where does it say 20% off on orders over $50? I'd buy shirts for me and my wife if I could find this...
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