Good news - no price raise for tix

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PatsRI, Feb 9, 2006.

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    Just checked out my account online (haven't received anything in the mail) to see if the invoice for next year was up yet and it was. No rate hike ($89 for mine still). In an area where the Sox raise thiers every other week and the Celts and Bruins are way overpriced it's good to see tha Pats hold even. I know they raised them last year and those out there will say "they shouldn't for what they charge" but if the Pats did raise them they would still sell out and I for one am glad they just aren't out (again like the Sox) to make the extra $.
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  2. Michael

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    Funny, but when the Pats lost in week 2 one thought I had was at least the replica Jerseys won't go up another 10 bucks this year. Works for tickets too.
  3. Michigan Dave

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    Lucky f***! I'll probably go down to the Cincinnati game for sure, and will make my first trip to the razor for the game v. Detroit, since I can get free tickets. It's also a guaranteed W!

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