Football Ettiquette(found on the Bills message baord)

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PatsWSB47, Oct 30, 2007.

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    Ms. Godfreys rules for proper football etiquette when losing a game badly.

    1. While playing defense and the opponent is trying to get a first down cower in fear then cry, “hey stop playing so hard”. Throw in a big “whaahhhh!” for added effect.
    2. If they do get a first down get tough and say, “I hope we see you guys again!” Now one must be careful when using that tone because others may realize that you just spent the last 60 minutes right in front of them and you did nothing about it.
    3. This is when you play the disrespect card. This can be a very effective technique because it tends to immediately move the blame from you to the opponent. It also will make you the darling of your own fan base by letting you off the hook for your own sub par play. A second albeit unintended benefit is that it tends to get the fan base of other teams to blame your opponent for your failures
    4. While on offense continue to call time outs and play like you still have a chance to win. This will have a couple of potential positive results. The first one is that your fan base can say that you have heart and never will say die, especially if you finally manage to score. This is another rouge that most fan base doesn’t catch on to. The opponent at that point of the game changes it’s defense to a vanilla prevent type that usually allows big chunks of yardage and frequently allows a garbage time score. If the opponent digs in and prevents a score and in fact scores on you then refer to the disrespect card. It’s a win-win situation!
    5. Make sure the media gets your sound bites because if they do not go public then your team will just look inept.

    Thank you participating.
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    That is classic. My respect for Bill's fans continues to increase compared to the rest of the trolls out there.
  4. Pats_AZ

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    I believe these rules are on page 3 of the Colts players handbook! haha;)
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    Well, we've had 8 teams so far follow those rules so there might be something to it! :D
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