Farewell Mr. Gorin

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    Good luck Brandon. You have contributed much more than people expected. With your seventh round draft pick and pickup in Free Agency, many gave you no respect.

    And you have the two or three rings to show for it. I know that many thought you were a limited player, and truth be told, everyone knows that your athletic ability doesn't rate with the great tackles in the League.

    But you do have grit. You played within your limits. That helped you to win a starting berth, and then start and win two Super Bowls. Its been a good career. Many are not so lucky.

    Good Luck in going to the Cardinals. That has historically been a hellhole, and a place to end many a career. But things are looking up. The Coach is not as total doofus, the Team has a new stadium, and its sold out,so the franchise doesn't have to be so pinch penny.. The fifth Bidwell is into his dotage and senility and one can hope the young one Mike, may not be the total ass his last five progenitors were. At least he was able to complete law school.

    Moreover, Dennis Green has been one of the few Coaches to have both authority to shop for the groceries, as well as the ability to wring performances out of the players.

    Mr. "Spirit of '76" Brandon Gorin. Thanks for the memories!
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  2. marty

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    Nicely said Az! Just think, another brand new facility for Brandon to break in!
  3. Box_O_Rocks

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    Very nice, a well deserved tribute.
  4. PATRIOTS-80

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    Thank you Mr. Gorin and good luck!!!!!
  5. fgssand

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    Awesome post AZ .....you said it all!!!

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