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  1. OldEnglandPatriot

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    I was buying a few 'traded or retired' replica jerseys in a store here in Canada yesterday, for 20 bucks each. Comparing the Browns one I got myself (don't ask) with the Ricky Williams I got for my UK-based Dolphin-fan friend, I was struck by how much jerseys vary in detail and quality... eg. the Browns jersey has almost no detailing and embossed numbers and name, while the Fish jersey has nice stitched-on numbers plus helmet logos on the sleeves.. yet the jerseys all cost the same.

    Is this a result of some teams being cheapskates and making more money per jersey, while others create a more attractive jersey with the aim of selling more of 'em?

    Sorry, I'm bored.
  2. Michigan Dave

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    No. It depends on when the jerseys were made, and who made them. Prior to the NFL going with Reebok (NFL Equipment) for the 2002 season, teams could use their own manufacturer. Nike, Reebok, Adidas, Wilson, Apex, Logo Athletic these were all companies who manufactured jerseys for teams in the past 15 years. They had different quality of replica jersey as well. Since NFLE/RBK took over, the replicas have increased in quality. All replicas are a little heavier, though still screen printed, and have the NFLE patch on the collar. They also introduced a "replithentic" jersey, a midweight with replica weight but the numbers and letters stitched on. While a replica retails for about $70-75 now, the replithentics are $100-125. Authentics are $225. It would be tough for me to tell you the differences in your jerseys without seeing them or knowing who makes them, but it's a manufacturer's quality issue, not a team quality issue.
  3. marty

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    Good question, informative answer, always amazed at what I learn on this board! Thanks!
  4. OldEnglandPatriot

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    Mm yes, nice to get such a good answer.

    However, both the jerseys I mentioned are Reebok and post 2002. The Browns one is Garcia, from 2004. (I also got a Bledsoe Bills one, but not sure I can wear a Bills jersey with a clear consience...!)

    Still, I had no idea that there were different qualities or replica. Interesting.
  5. marty

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    Maybe it's just that those dawg pound guys don't like any embleshment on their jerseys? :rolleyes:
  6. Michigan Dave

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    Does the Browns' jersey have an NFLE logo on the collar? Also, there is no stitching whatsoever on replicas. If there's something sewn on the Williams one, you got a better deal, because you got the replithentic. The NFL has started to make cheaper, mass produced jerseys late in the season for teams on a playoff push that have sold out of their regular replicas, and they look bad. Patriots jerseys without the side striping and shoulder "wing", Steelers jerseys with a small "half-stripe" on the sleeve, and Bengals jerseys that just have a couple of orange tiger stripes on the sleeve instead of their actual pattern. If I remember correctly, this began in 04, but I can't imagine the Browns would be involved, since they are pretty much awful, and Garcia jerseys weren't lighting the world on fire. Reebok did make some jerseys in 2001 and early 2002 that were much lighter weight and had no NFLE shield, but that obviously would not explain your Garcia jersey.
  7. OldEnglandPatriot

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    Yes, the Garcia jersey has the NFL shield on the collar. I guess it's as simple as that the Browns jersey is a replica while the Bledsoe and Williams are 'replithentic'.

    I'm not complaining, regardless, 20 bucks (Canadian) was an awesome price...

    NB: Why Garcia/Browns?? I'm running the 2004 Browns in the 'Front Office Football' PC strategy game, and have thus developed a certain affection for them. Incidentally, having seen Garcia constantly asking team-mates on the sidelines if they have any gum on more than one NFL Films production, I have to wonder why a millionaire NFL quarterback doesn't just buy his own damn gum....

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